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NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, a board founded in 1979 in the United Kingdom which provides certificates and training in the Health and Safety field. NEBOSH  is the set of practices for evaluation and examination modes and delivers the prestigious certificate while a third party provides the actual training. 

It is no secret that most companies in need of safety professionals are starting to demand for NEBOSH certified professionals. That is a worldwide fact and Qatar is no exception. The certification is synonymous with reliability and safety in the workplace. Due to the rigorous practices set by the NEBOSH standard, companies are now looking to hire NEBOSH certified professionals as it is on their best interests due to stringent laws, if they are not aware of them, the enterprise could be penalized. Such facts were mentioned by the board itself in a recent article. A Salary for a NEBOSH professional is on average GBP 52,000 per year. 

There are currently 7 NEBOSH courses in Qatar from where you can enhance your skills and perfect your performance on the subject. 

After you complete your certification, you will be able to apply for all our NEBOSH Jobs in Qatar

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