Accounting, Finance and Banking Courses in Doha

Accounting, Finance and Banking are some of the most vital and fundamental sectors of any economy. They represent an essential part of a business and its daily routine. 

Among strong economies, as Qatar, these sectors take a major role on planning and structuring the path of economy. In fact, according to an article by the Gulf Times, Qatar is implanting an economy diversity policy, which aims to relief the heavy dependence on the oil and gas commodities. With this scenario, the constant growth of investment on the banking sector is turning it into one of the most viable and important engines of the economy. 

There are currently 160 Accounting, Finance and Banking courses in Doha. Below you will be able to select a variety of sub related subjects covering Accounting, Finance and Banking and also popular certifications such as CMA of CFA

According to, a senior accountant in Doha receives an annual salary of 122,000 QAR per year. After you complete your course, do not forget to check all our Accounting, Finance and Banking Jobs in Qatar.

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