Hair Extensions Business Diploma Course

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This comprehensive course will take you from a complete beginner in using hair extensions and how to apply them, to the equipment that you will need to get started, where you should run your business from, and the all important aspect of how to market your business to get clients.

Hair extensions have really taken off over the past few years and with customers loving the results and coming back for repeat business to get their hair fix, the hair extension business is currently booming.

This course is divided into modules, each exploring an important aspect of the hair extension industry.

This starts with what the current market is and what its demands are in terms of hair extensions, concluding with the characteristics of a successful hair extension business. It then moves on to discuss the various types of hair extensions, the types of hair used, their availability in colours and lengths along with a short analysis of the pros and cons of synthetic and human hair extensions.

Modules three and four move on to the business aspect of where to find good quality hair extensions in bulk and safety precautions that are required in this business.

Modules five and six detail the application of hair extensions so that the reader develops a good understanding of how they are done.

Modules seven and eight discuss the equipment required for application of different hair extensions and hair care after application, or in case something goes wrong after application.

The later modules discuss various tips on developing a business model for your hair extension business, building an online presence for promotion and publicity and contains information about how to build and maintain a clientele.

This guide will help the reader in grasping each of the above-mentioned concepts, so once they decide to take the next step in establishing a hair extension business, they are reasonably prepared on aspects such as the business itself, its marketing and promotion and customer care.


  • Module 1: Getting Started
  • Module 2: Types of Hair Extensions
  • Module 3: Finding the Right Extensions
  • Module 4: Safety Measures
  • Module 5: Methods of Application
  • Module 6: Extension Placement
  • Module 7: Tools and Equipment
  • Module 8: Hair Care Instructions
  • Module 9: Salon Forms
  • Module 10: Building Your Online Presence
  • Module 11: How to build a strong client base
  • Module 12: Do's and Don'ts
  • Module 13: Hair Extension Trends
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