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Supply Chain Management Advanced Diploma
  • Duration / Course length: Há 14 Horas Start now
  • Accredited in: Reino Unido
  • Accredited by: CPD Qualification StandardsIAO
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  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in presentation format

Course details

If you want to learn the supply chain design to understand the logistics matter of your business, then the Supply Chain Management Advanced Diploma course is designed for you.

Purchasing goods or collecting the raw materials for producing your products need to be very careful with the quality of your product will depend on the materials. Choose the right materials or planning, collecting resources, creating the new product - all these things are the part of Supply Chain Management. The course focuses all these practical issues along with the basic theoretical concepts of Supply chain management.

In short, the course makes your business journey easy by providing the crystal clear knowledge about the supply chain.

Course Highlights

  • The price is for the whole course including final exam - no hidden fees
  • Accredited Certificate upon successful completion at an additional cost
  • Efficient exam system with instant results
  • Track progress within own personal learning portal
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
Supply Chain Management Advanced Diploma has been given CPD and IAO accreditation and is one of the best-selling courses available to students worldwide.
This valuable course is suitable for anyone interested in working in this sector or who simply wants to learn more about the topic. If you're an individual looking to excel within this field then Supply Chain Management Advanced Diploma is for you.

We've taken this comprehensive course and broken it down into several manageable modules which we believe will assist you to easily grasp each concept - from the fundamental to the most advanced aspects of the course. It really is a sure pathway to success.

All our courses offer 3 months access and are designed to be studied at your own pace so you can take as much or as little time as you need to complete and gain the full CPD accredited qualification. And, there are no hidden fees or exam charges.

We pride ourselves on having friendly and experienced instructors who provide full weekday support and are ready to help with any of your queries. So, if you need help, just drop them an email and await a speedy response.

Furthermore, you can check the validity of your qualification and verify your certification on our website at anytime.
So, why not improve your chances of gaining professional skills and better earning potential.


Module 01

  •     Getting Started
  •     The Evolution of the Supply Chain
  •     The Basic Supply Chain Structure
  •     Supply Chain Drivers
  •     Aligning Your Supply Chain with Business Strategy
  •     Managing Supply Chain Risks
  •     Tracking and Evaluating Supply Chain Data
  •     Troubleshooting Supply Chain Problems
  •     Sharing Supply Chain Activities
  •     Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies
  •     Applying Lean Techniques to the Supply Chain
  •     The Future of Supply Chain Management

Module 02
  •     Supply Chain Management Basics
  •     The Purchasing Cycle
  •     Purchasing Toolkit
  •     Managing Competitive Bids
  •     Improving Efficiency and Accuracy
  •     Analyzing and Reducing Risk in the Supply Chain
  •     Managing Internal Relationships
  •     Tools of the Trade

Module 03
  •     What is Inventory?
  •     Types of Inventory
  •     Key Players
  •     Setting up the Warehouse
  •     What Makes a Good Inventory Management System?
  •     The Warehouse Inventory Cycle
  •     Identifying Demand
  •     The Receiving Process
  •     Validating Inventory
  •     The Put-Away Process
  •     Maintaining Inventory Accuracy
  •     The Outbound Process
  •     Industry Trends

Module 04
  •     Defining Continuous Improvement
  •     Stage One - Identify Areas For Improvement
  •     Stage Two - Create a Plan for Improvement
  •     Stage Three - Implement the Changes
  •     Stage Four - Review the Impact
  •     Test Driving

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