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A little bit all over the World, the horse is one of the species that most passion arise in the human beings. Such fact has its origins on the advanced senses of the species, its interaction skills and anatomy to life stages.

The horse is generally seen as a well behaved domesticated species, it has a strong sense of color and it often gives use to its high sense of balance and its strong ability to run and escape predators. Therefore, its use and interaction with humans goes back until the year of 4000 B.C. There is a variety of ways that horses may be used in interaction with humans, the most common ones being associated with sports competitions, like equitation and hipism as also other recreational uses. The horse is also commonly used on agriculture, police work and therapy. 

The horse can also represent a lifestyle. It is very common to come across enthusiastic individuals in the GCC. Recently, in Dubai Meydan City, during a race event, 20 young orphans were connected with horses as an act of affection to the young ones. Horse related events can be found every single week in the region. 

Currently, there is a diversity of courses offered that will enhance your knowledge and improve your relation with this species. The courses are mostly focused in Horse Psychology,  Horse Science, Stables Management and Training Techniques. The equine training courses are currently being taught by the British Arabian College of Equine Studies who provides online studies, so you can take these programs at your own time. 

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