ACCA in Malaysia

There are 7 ACCA courses in Malaysia offered by several universities in Malaysia. You have several options to study ACCA in Malaysia but ACCA is primarily offered by universities as you cover ACCA while you are studying for you bachelors. There are very few ACCA Institutes in Malaysia that offer ACCA training however you can achieve your ACCA certification as ACCA Global accredits all the ACCA course providers in Malaysia. To help you see the cost of ACCA in Malaysia, you can check out our ACCA Fees in Malaysia. One you have completed your ACCA in Malaysia, the next step would be to find a job. You can check out our ACCA Jobs in Malaysia to see which jobs are available but applying to jobs is not the only important factor in your future. Salary is an important factor in choosing where you wish to work and according to pay scale, new graduates to the work force with around 1 to 4 years work experience will make around RM 28,000 to RM 30,000 and more experienced professionals can earn up to RM 100,000 per month provided they have more than 10 years of work experience. Now that you have been provided the relevant information about ACCA in Malaysia, you can start finding an ACCA course in Malaysia near you.

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