Gaming Course fees in Lebanon - April 2020 update

The table below provides more information on the fees for Gaming courses in Lebanon.

How much does the Gaming course cost in Lebanon?
The cost of Gaming courses ranges between LBP 167627 to LBP 914328

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CourseLocationDuration Fees

Google Webmaster Guidelines & Search Console Training Udemy

TBA LBP 30,462

建立Google表單、免費網站、網路賣場和臉書(Facebook)廣告行銷 Udemy

TBA LBP 30,478

Build a Side-Scrolling Platformer with GameMaker: Studio Udemy

TBA LBP 30,478

Complete Game Asset Workflow - The Treasure Chest Udemy

TBA LBP 30,478

Baking Normal and AO Maps for Games with 3ds Max Udemy

TBA LBP 30,478

Apps Reskin for Beginners - Grow Your Own Gaming Empire Udemy

TBA LBP 30,478

Launch a Woocommerce Store Start to Finish Udemy

TBA LBP 30,478

Learn How to Build a Computer Udemy

TBA LBP 38,082

Help! My Son Is Addicted to Video Games. Udemy

TBA LBP 38,097

Learn Mobile Game Programming from Scratch Udemy

TBA LBP 45,716

Learn how to make games from scratch with no programming Udemy

TBA LBP 45,716

Créer un site web de commerce en ligne Udemy

TBA LBP 45,716

Mautic Masterclass: Marketing Automation Made Free & Easy Udemy

TBA LBP 53,336

The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping Facebook Ads Course Udemy

TBA LBP 60,955

How To Sell Products Online Using PayPal Udemy

TBA LBP 68,575
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