Established in 1974

About Kimmage Development Studies Centre

Kimmage Development Studies Centre is based at Kimmage Manor, in Dublin, Ireland. It was established in 1974 by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (also known as the Spiritans or the Holy Ghost Fathers) initially to provide education and training to intending overseas missionaries, and from 1978 onwards to cater for the training needs of the growing development NGOs and volunteer sending agencies. From the beginning, the programme of studies theylcomed participants of all backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, religious persuasions, and to date has accommodated students from over 65 different countries, drawn mainly from Africa and Ireland but increasingly, also from Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.
Since 1978 Kimmage has received funding towards its activities from the Department of Foreign Affairs (and through its agency, Irish Aid). their other stheirces of funding include NGOs in the development field, the Spiritan Congregation, tuition fees and earnings from consultancy activities. For much of its history, the Centre was run as an independent unit or department within Holy Ghost College under the trusteeship of the Spiritan Congregation with a Constitution and Board of Governors.
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