About Galway Community College

Galway Community College (GCC) has been providing Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) ctheirses since it opened its doors over forty years ago and GCC continues to offer a wide variety of ctheirses catering for many inpidual needs.

their aim is to create a caring atmosphere where students are enctheiraged and helped to develop their unique gifts and talents.  Whether the focus is progression to higher education, re-training or skills development, GCC provides the academic and vocational skills that enable students to attain their maximum potential and participate fully as good citizens in society.

Over the past number of years GCC has worked hard to develop a high standard of further education, specialising in Sport, Childcare, Technology, Business, Music, Film, Performance and Horticulture. GCC takes pride in their reputation for professional delivery of learning coupled with a caring and friendly environment.  Mindful of changes in employment and training, they are committed to reviewing and providing ctheirses that meet students ever changing needs.

Located only ten minutes from Galway city centre and close to GMIT, they are a popular choice for students providing ease of access to all amenities and accommodation. 

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