xhtml stands for extensibe Hypertext Markup Language and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The knowledge of XHTML/CSS helps an individual to create webpage/ websites. We are currently teaching xhtml/css and advanced xhtml/css under Web design Training for students who wants to work as a web designer.

During the XHTML/CSS training students will learn the process of building structures for webpages and then styling those webpages into polished and professional products. This XHTML/CSS training course is developed to provide fundamental concepts related web development using html and CSS. Students will be provided with real time practical examples and asked to develop appropriate html of design and then writing CSS. Students will also get great opportunity to master the versatile scripting language, the CSS. This knowledge of CSS along with best practices in XHTML and CSS will help them during their professional career to become top designer.

Students who are enrolled for a web designing course will also learn HTML5 and CSS3 along with xhtml/css training. In CSS3 we teach responsive design.

After completion of advanced xhtml/css training students will be assigned 1 - 2 projects to work on. Students will be asked to write cross browser compatible and valid XHTML/CSS for the mockups designed in Photoshop.

Although the Information and Communication Technology Industry is expanding rapidly, paving way for various job openings for skilled human resource every year. Yet, Nepal is facing acute unemployment problem. Many IT companies have positions vacant and the market is crying out for more professionals; Why? The answer is plain and simple. Most of the Graduates don’t have skills necessary in the professional world. They may have theoretical knowledge but they glaringly lack tools and techniques to implement that knowledge. And there is a volume of institutes providing training to fresh graduates yet there are many unfilled positions, market demanding more skilled professionals. And this is far more concerning issue. So, there must be something wrong.  The problem lies in the approach and methods of training, the focus of learning not being on real time problems and professional exposure.

At IT Training Nepal, we strive to help the students in excellence of their professional skills.  We are dedicated to the objectives of increasing student’s knowledge and understanding of tools and techniques to implement their knowledge. Project work, internship and job assistance are key features of IT Training Nepal. We enable students to solve real time problems effectively and efficiently through interactive learning methodologies.

IT Training Nepal has proved itself as a best computer training center on the long run. It is proved because we have a large rate of referrals and return students who continuously visit us for further training. Please go through the points to know why training at IT Training Nepal.

Please go through the points to know why to choose training at IT Training Nepal.

We don't train you, we engineer you

Software development or software Programming is not just about coding. Software development involves activities like requirement analysis, preparing specification, design, coding, testing, implementation, operation and maintenance, evolution. We see coding is just one phase in the whole life cycle of the software development. One should follow the whole life cycle of development process. We have a development team you can work under, they will supervise you.

Value for money

Instead of laying out a rigid curriculum that we have in academic degrees, we regularly revise it to meet the industry standards practices and emerging trends and technologies. Moreover we also emphasize on accessing learners needs, taking into account the desired knowledge and ability on which basis we prepare the students for appropriate course.

Hybrid mode of learning

Rather than blackboard style of education, we insist on integrated approach like class Interaction, individual assessment, face to face sessions, online video and multimedia and several other uses of ICT technologies that make learning more effective.

Truly Professional Training

AT IT Training Nepal, we don't promise to offer you international certification but we can promise you will learn to work like a professional able to compete internationally and moreover who can fulfill the IT job vacancy.

Dynamic Teaching Modality

We insist that communication between students and educators needs to be dynamic. Students will have access to all the training materials online. Likewise they can submit their project work or assignment using our e-learning portal. This will help students to take the benefit of professional classroom training as well as distance learning.

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