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Participants will learn selection, programming, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of SCADA software

SCADA General

Applications of SCADA software
Different packages available with I/O structure
Features of SCADA softwarePractical
Practical exposure on SCADA software
Creating a new SCADA application
Creating Database of TagsPractical – Software
Creating & Editing graphic display with animation
Data Entry / Start Stop command
Analog entry
Sizing, Movement, Blinking, Visibility, FillingPractical – Software
Creating & Accessing Real-time
Creating & Accessing Historical TrendsPractical – Software
Creating Alarms & EventsPractical – Software
Writing logic through scriptPractical – Software
Connectivity with the different hardware
Communication protocols
Communication with PLC
Communication with Data Acquisition SystemPractical – Software
Connectivity between softwarePractical – Software
Concept of DDE, DLL, OPC driversPractical – Software
Commissioning the network nodesPractical – Software
Troubleshooting the application
Fault diagnostics and error handling
Sorting communication problemsPractical – Software
IN : Industrial Networking
Introduction to Industrial networking
Introduction to Industrial networking
Basic network knowledge, supported by demonstrations and practical assignments;
Data communication and networking used in plants
Serial connections: RS232/RS422/RS485
Sensor and Control-level Networks
Introduction to network equipment, Routing, Switching
Introduction to commonly used networking protocols – Fieldbus, Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, Control Net, HART Communication
OSI model
Available networks (Master/Slave, Client/Server and producer/Consumer)
Communication relations (Point to Point, Multicast and Broadcast)
Transmission media (Cables, Wireless)
Network Standards
Practical Sessions on Modbus and Profibus protocols
Transmission medium
Physical characteristics and installation details
Data link functions
Master Slave Mode
Remote I/O System
Sharing / Accessing Data on network
Common symptoms, problems and solutions
How to quickly identify likely causes
Communications issues
Grounding/shielding/noise Updated on 08 November, 2017

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Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Started 1997 in India by technocrat promoters with engineering background and industrial work experience. Prolific provides turnkey automation solutions and Technical Training services to over 200 manufacturing firms across the globe. Prolific employs over 300 technical professionals on its payroll. Prolific is an established industrial training brand in “India and Middle East”.

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