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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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In the world of work today, having the knowledge and skills is not enough, staff should possess life skills and competencies in the work environment where they learn how to be responsible, reliable, trustworthy and initiative. They also need to be trained how to work compatibly with their manager, supervisors and other employees regardless of their nationality or religion. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the significance and vitality and the need to adhere to work ethics and all the competencies in order to have mastery of work. For example, they need to believe the value of time and its importance, as well as the confidentiality of the company’s secrets. Moreover, they need to develop serving the public with respect, tactfulness and commitment to their career continuously. Staff needs to enhance one of the most important things which are considered as one of the main determinants and the credentials and that is to continue to work and carry out the tasks to the fullest at all times. Preparing staff producers in successful organizations means more than just training them to “know how”. In fact, what they need is to be prepared for success, i.e. positive work ethics.


 The objectives of this program are to enable the participant to:

  1. Preserve the behavior of employees in all positions of public.
  2. Enhance trustworthiness, reliability and commitment at work.
  3. Realize the importance of punctuality.
  4. To enhance team building skills.
  5. Respect the rights of others.
  6. Understand the importance of good appearance in the work environment.
  7. Recognize healthy and personal habits.
  8. Enhance positive thinking and behavior.
  9. Work to create good relations with supervisors and colleagues.
  10. Recognize the importance of good communication skills.
  11. Identify the rules and regulations of the security during work.


  1. What is ethics?
  2. Steps towards a better work ethic.
  3. Punctuality.
  4. Show successful personal features.
  5. Teamwork.
  6. Manage difficult situations with co-workers.
  7. Dealing with difficult coworkers and people.
  8. Passive aggressive mood.
  9. Positive attitudes.
  10. Productivity.
  11. Organizational skills.
  12. Perceive the importance of time management.
  13. Effective communication skills.
  14. The concept and importance of communication.
  15. Verbal and non verbal communication.
  16. Styles of people.
  17. Dealing with superiors.
  18. Cooperation and respect.
  19. Motivation
  20. Loyalty


  1. PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Discussion.
  3. Role play.
  4. Competitions.
  5. Written exercises.
  6. Case study

About Logic Institute

Logic Institute for Training and HR Development was formed in Bahrain in 2010. It was founded by a group of highly educated and successful Bahraini who are adamant on developing and improving the level of Training in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Thus, Logic’s management philosophy envisions Logic to be recognized as a leading institution that provides high quality of training, through inspiring its trainees towards their professional development to their outmost performance.

Logic programs are mainly in CIPS, ICM, English Language, IT programmes, Health & Safety (CIEH), Value Engineering , Soft Skills cTheirses, American Petroleum programs (API) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Each section has an experienced head that coordinates and is responsible to the related affairs of the department. Logic is an approved exam center for UK & USA institutions such as CIPS, ICM, CIEH, API, and Value Engineering and it is toward getting other center approvals from various awarding bodies such as LCCI for English, CIPD for human resTheirces, City & Guilds for retail, Cost Engineering and many others.

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