In this course, students will familiarize yourself with the advanced customization techniques and work with applications and programs in Windows® 7. In addition to this, students will also work with Internet Explorer 8.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • customize the Windows 7 environment. 
  • configure user accounts.  
  • work with applications in Windows 7.
  • work with devices. 
  • manage networks.  
  • secure your system data. 
  • enhance system performance. 
  • work with Internet Explorer 8

Lesson 1: Customizing the Windows 7 Environment

  • Apply Aero Features 
  • Modify Display Settings

Lesson 2: Configuring User Accounts

  • Create a User Account 
  • Manage User Accounts

Lesson 3: Working with Applications in Windows 7

  • Schedule Tasks 
  • Work with Media Files 
  • Explore Games 
  • Manage Programs

Lesson 4: Working with Devices

  • Modify Device Settings 
  • Configure Removable Devices

Lesson 5: Managing Networks

  • An Overview of Networks 
  • Share Files and Folders 
  • Manage Offline Files

Lesson 6: Securing System Data

  • Back Up Data 
  • Restore Data 
  • Apply Security Settings

Lesson 7: Enhancing System Performance

  • Improve Processing Speed 
  • Optimize Power Consumption 
  • Configure Windows Update Settings 
  • Troubleshoot Problems

Lesson 8: Working with Internet Explorer 8

  • Manage Favorites 
  • Manage History Files 
  • Configure Pop-Up Settings 
  • Configure Internet Security and Privacy Settings

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