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Course Outline :

Basics of welding technology 

  • Classification of welding processes 
  • Energy sources in welding 
  • Electric arc welding 
  • Physics of arc 
  • Voltage variation across the arc 
  • Arc plasma 
  • Polarity and arc blow 
  • V-A Characteristics 

Types of joints 

  • Join design & terminology
  • Welding position 
  • Temperature changes in welding 
  • Types of beads 
  • Structure of welded joint 

Electrode classification &selection 

Welding processes : 

  • Shield Metal Arc Welding ( SMAW) 
  • GAS Metal Arc Welding ( GMAW ) 
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ( GTAW) 
  • Submerged Arc Welding

its a multidisciplinary, independent, privately owned consulting firm incorporated in Cairo-Egypt.

We_they started its activities with 100 years experience and established in the year 2000 for consulting and engineering field services.

our client in the industrial and petroleum sectors, in collaboration with our foreign associates, whom we represent in Egypt and the middle East.

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