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JavaScript is the ideal programming language to learn as it comprises of conventional programming tools.

Academy Class' JavaScript training course will familiarize you with programming basics such as writing program instructions that work with variables, numbers and text, adding comments to your code, gathering input from a user and giving a response, creating simple dialog boxes that prompt the users, etc.

JavaScript can be used to create special effects such as rollover images and pop-up windows and is also useful for analysis tasks like browser checking or form validation. These JavaScript training courses will train you in all that; and will also give you an introduction to Frames, Cookies in JavaScript, working with Objects and Methods, and embedding JavaScript withinHTML.

Moreover, you will be trained in Conditional Statements, Branching and Decisions, JavaScript: repetition & Loop Structures, defining JavaScript functions, working with Expressions, working with Data and Information, events in JavaScript, the Image Object, the Form Object, the Link Object and the Navigator Object. Along with that we will also educate you in creating Interactive forms, the document Object, the window Object, and Strings and the History List.

At the completion of the JavaScript training courses you will have the vital knowledge and skills to start programming in JavaScript and create more dynamic web pages. Academy Class has designed these courses to give students a firm grip over the Web Fundamentals for programming.

If after taking the JavaScript training course with Academy Class you do not get a chance to use the technology or forget something then you are more than welcome to come back and retake the class free of charge. That's the Academy Class' guarantee of learning.

Academy Class offers you JavaScript training courses in a number of cities: London, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle and Birmingham. Our instructors are hired on the basis of their expertise to deliver industry related knowledge and expertise to give you a rich experience in JavaScript.

All our classes at Academy Class begin at Our courses begin 9.30am and running till 4:30pm. Enroll now in one of the best JavaScript, Web Fundamentals' authorized training courses

Blended Learning

It's the best opportunity to get the most out of your learning experience while blending technology with classroom instructions. We supply training videos, notes and/or reference texts.

Money-Back Guarantee

In case you have changed your mind and no longer need the booked courses - tell us in advance. You will get fully refunded.

Funding and Discounts

We strive to provide you with high-quality training at "value for money" prices. Academy Class has launched some very special and unique training savings plans for its customers: Early Bird (30% Off Standard Price), 15% off Jumpstart courses. Group bookings (10% off for two people, 15% for three etc.), Education, Charity & Freelance discounts (15% discount on any of our open courses) and more.

Experienced Instructors

Equipped with years of industry experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your knowledge, improvement and preparation.

About Academy Class

Academy Class is the UK's premier digital media training centre. We provide manufacturer-authorized training in all areas of digital media including Print & Design, Web Design and Development, 3D & CAD, Web Marketing, Digital Video and Apple and Adobe Certification.

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