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Web Designing with HTML


Updated on 26 November, 2017
Price: AED 1,000
  • Timings: Full Time, Flexible

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HTML is the language that made the Web. You can't really find a better place to  begin learning about editing or building web content of any type. HTML provides  the structure for all webpages, so it's essential as a foundation for learning about web design, and is an important skill for almost everyone! HTML can be pretty simple, and a lot of people will learn everything they need to know in a day.

Who is this Course for?
This course is for web designers, marketing professionals or anyone responsible  for creating their own email newsletters, who wish to design and build effective HTML emails for their organizations.

What you will learn?
You will learn how to use efficient HTML coding practices to create webpages  that work and will continue to work in the ever-changing world of web ;

Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

Website Developer , Web Programmer , Web Designer , Web Expert , Programmer , Developer.

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About CyberModo

CyberModo Solutions is a Training institute specializing in academic and vocational training certification. Students can choose from multiple courses that will cover up-to-date information needed to be successful in today's organizations. CyberModo provides clients with the skills they need to maximize their investment by offering them total training solutions.  

Since it’s founding, CyberModo has trained many individuals and corporate organizations and we are proud to share our contribution we made in the lives of those whom we have trained. 

Some of the Organisations we have trained are:
•   Abu Dhabi GAS, Abu Dhabi 
•   Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi 
•   Atlantis Hotel, The Palm- Dubai 
•   Gloria Hotel, Dubai 
•   Dubai Men’s College, Dubai 
•   Med clinic Middle East, Dubai 
•   Dubai College, Dubai 
•   Weatherford, Dubai 
•   DEWA, Dubai 
•   GTV, Dubai 
•   Ministry Of Defense, Dubai 
•   Ministry Of Interior, Abu Dhabi. 
•   Abu Dhabi Chambers of Commerce, Abu Dhabi
•   RAK Chambers, RAK
•   Mustafa Sultan Science & Industry, Oman and more.

We offer multitude of courses delivered by highly qualified trainers who have the right blend of impressive qualifications and practical experience. Therefore choosing Cyber Modo shortly means choosing quality. See all CyberModo courses

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