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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Duration / Course length: 16 Hours
  • Timings: Flexible

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    OVERVIEW: Microsoft Excel training Dubai can assist professionals to deal effectively with large quantities of data and calculations by speeding up productivity and improving efficiency. This Advanced MS Excel training course helps professionals to master the advanced features of MS Excel. The Advanced Excel course in Dubai offers a detailed overview of this powerful spreadsheet application and explains topics like creating dashboards, interactive components, data consolidation, and ;


    Market Trends:
    Excel is used by every large and small enterprise across the globe. It was found by Comscore that Microsoft Excel has more than 750 million users worldwide. Novel Aspect analyzed 200 business software platforms and an aggregate of 50 major cities' job listings to determine that MS Excel is the most required skill. Since Excel skills have become indispensable for business, job opportunities have been growing steadily for professionals with Advanced MS Excel ;

    Salary Trends: Being one of the most in-demand skills in the business landscape, Excel skills are attracting high pay jobs. As compared to non-certified Excel users, certified Excel users have a 12% increase in chances of promotions and earnings. The annual average salary of professionals with Advanced MS Excel skills is AED 75,000 in the UAE.

    Demand and Opportunities: Microsoft Excel is the most in-demand skill that employers look for while hiring. A study of 27 million job listings on various recruitment sites indicates a significant rise in the demand for basic Excel skills for middle-skill jobs. Capital One and Burning Glass Technologies found that Advanced MS Excel skills are needed in 82% of middle-skill positions, illustrating the huge demand for professionals with Advanced MS Excel skills.


    Using Custom and Conditional Format
    • Reasons for Using Custom Format
    • Understanding Conditional Formatting
    • Managing the Conditional Format Rules
    • Changing the Conditional Formatting Rules
    • Locating Cells with Conditional Formatting
    • Working with Conditional Formatting
    Using Range Names
    • Assigning Names to Groups of Cells
    • Managing Named Range
    • Using Names in Formulas
    Using Formulas and Functions
    • Understanding Formulas & Functions
    • Quick Way to Insert a Function
    • Viewing the Formulas (and not the results)
    • How to Delete Values and not Formulas
    • Create a Relative & Absolute Reference
    • Working with Logical Functions
    • Using SUMIF and COUNTIF Functions
    • Working with Text Functions
    • Working with Date and Time Functions
    • Working with Lookup Functions
    • Understanding VLOOKUP Function
    Managing, Sorting, and Filter Table
    • Create and Modify Tables
    • Sorting and Filtering Data in a Table
    • Getting Summary Information in a Table
    • Calculate Total Row in a Table
    • Display Special Formatting for First/Last Column
    • Outline a List of Data
    • Data Validation During Entry
    • Working with Database Functions
    • Using Advanced Filters in Excel
    • Quick Analysis With New Features of Excel latest version
    Working with charts in Excel 2016
    • Summarizing Data Visually Using Charts
    • Creating a Chart Quickly
    • Changing the Chart Type
    • Customizing Chart Data
    • Show or Hide Chart Gridlines
    • Creating a Pie Chart
    • Saving the Chart as a Template
    • Creating Combination Charts
    • Using The New Pareto Chart Functionality
    • Using Recommended Charts Effectively
    Working with Pivot Table
    • What is a Pivot Table
    • Anatomy of a Pivot Table
    • How does a Pivot Table Works
    • Create a Basic Pivot Table Report
    • Rearranging a Pivot Table Report
    • Customizing a Pivot Table
    • Changing Summary Calculations
    • Adding and Removing Subtotals
    • Sorting in a Pivot Table
    • Filtering in a Pivot Table
    • Create Report Filter Pages
    • Using Slicers in Pivot Table
    • Working with Pivot Chart
    Working with shared workbooks
    • Working in a Group Environment
    • Sharing Workbooks in Excel
    • Commenting in Cells
    • Tracking Changes in Workbooks
    • Accepting or Rejecting Changes
    • Keeping a Backup of your Changes
    Working with Multiple Workbooks
    • Linking to Other Workbook
    • Consolidating Multiple Sets of Data
    • Consolidate Multiple Worksheets
    Protecting your Worksheet and Workbook
    • Protecting Your Worksheet
    • Protecting Your Formulas
    • Protecting Your Workbook
    • Save Your Workbook with Password
    • Encrypting your Workbook
    Working with Macro Excel
    • Recording & Testing a Macro
    • Using the Developer Tab
    • Create a Macro
    • Relative and Absolute Recording
    • Testing the Macro
    • Running and Deleting Macros
    • Using a Shortcut key
    • Placing a Macro on the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Introduction to Macro Programming in Excel

    Upon completion of our Advanced MS Excel training course, the candidate will be able to:
    • Prepare data for pivot table analysis by using Excel functions
    • Analyze and reconcile accounts effectively with pivot tables
    • Prepare data for reporting and cleaning it up with Power Query
    • Develop management and business analysis reports using pivot tables and calculations
    • Automate work with macros and utilize advanced data analysis and reporting techniques in order to speed up work

    Our Advanced MS Excel training course is accredited by ISO 9001: 2015 and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

    ALUMNI: Our academy graduates of the Advanced Excel course Dubai are successfully placed in some of the top-notch companies in Dubai like Jumeirah, Aramex, Airarabia, Damac, Emaar, etc. They are entrepreneurs, career changers, and lifelong learners. Updated on 24 January, 2022

    Eligibility / Requirements

    This Advanced Excel course Dubai is for professionals who are already working with Microsoft Excel and want to advance their knowledge and proficiency in Excel further. Anyone interested to enroll in this Advanced Excel course should have:

    • Basic knowledge of Microsoft , and 2016

    About Learners Point Training Institute

    LearnersPoint, Dubai, is one of the top professional skill development institutions in the Middle East with close to 2 decades of industry experience in helping organizations achieve progressive and sustainable results. Whether you’re managing top-notch technology initiatives, developing your talent pipeline, we offer customizable and time-tested learning solutions that arm you for success. As an innovator in best-practices training products and services, our portfolio of training solutions ranges from IT, project management, logistics and supply chain, human resources, finance and accounting, digital marketing, autodesk products, office administration, ERP solution, and also includes high end courses like cloud technolgies, blockchain, strategic management and mini MBA. LearnersPoint is affiliated by KHDA, Government of Dubai and is also one of the institutes to have a prestigious recognition from CPD UK. Choose from in-person or live online classroom training, we will deliver nothing but the best.

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