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  • Duration / Course length: Upto 30 Hours Start now
  • Accrediting body: SAP Extended Business Partner
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course details

Introduction to SAP HANA Studio

  1. Introduction to SAP HANA
  2. History of SAP HANA
  3. Overview of SAP HANA Studio
  4. SAP HANA Technology Innovations

SAP HANA Architecture

  1. SAP HANA Architecture
  2. Index Server
  3. Persistence Layer

Data Provision Methods

  1. Overview of Data Provision Method
  2. Flat file Uploading
  3. How to get multidimensional Sales Report
  4. Overview of Business Objects Data Services using ETL-based approach

HANA Information Model: 

  1. Introduction to SAP HANA Information Model
  2. Analytical View for COPA Plan using Attribute views and COPA Actual
  3. How to use join operators in building Calculation view
  4. Methods to create Calculation view

Overview of SAP BW on HANA

  1. Overview of SAP BW on HANA
  2. Data Warehousing Workbench

 InfoObjects and DataStore Objects

  1. Overview of InfoObjects
  2. Creating Characteristics under Catalog
  3. InfoObjects Characteristics and Key Figures
  4. Classification of Master Data
  5. Creating Characteristics
  6. Overview of Key Figures and Data Flow
    1. Overview of DataStore Objects
  7. How to load transactional data to DataStore Objects
  8. SAP HANA Optimized DSO
  9. Lookups on Active data DSO

SAP HANA InfoSource and Transformations:

  1. Explaining Transformations Framework and Expert Routines using Scenario based example
  2. Mapping One Source Field to Target Field
  3. Working with Expert Routines
  4. Writing Expert Routines Code in ABAP
  5. Introduction to InfoSource and Execution of two transformations before executing multiple transformations
  6. InfoSource as a uniform source for several targets as targets from different sources
  7. Return Tables using Transformation
  8. Creating Dataflow using GUI Data flow in SAP BW on HANA and BW Oracle


  1. DTP and its role in loading data to InfoCube in Extraction mode
  2. Real-time Data Replication from Source system to BW and Real-time HANA Optimized InfoCubes

SLT Configuration, MultiProviders and Extractions

  1. Steps for performing SLT Configuration
  2. Explaining the three scenarios to implement in SLT
  3. Introduction to MultiProvider and Creating MultiProvider in SAP BW
  4. How are MultiProviders and InfoSets similar?
  5. Mixed Models
  6. ECC Extractions
  7. Different Extractor types
  8. Steps for Data Extraction method from Non-SAP Source systems
  9. ECC Extractor using Business Content Extractors for Accounts Receivable
  10. Loading data for characteristics, Master data using Business Content Extractors

Unit 10: BW Reporting

  1. Introduction to BW Reporting - BEx Reporting Suit
  2. Important Business Explorer Designers
  3. BEx Query Navigation Options in WebQuery
  4. Creating KeyFigure at InfoProvider and query level
Updated on 19 November, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

1. Candidates should have basic knowledge of data warehousing concepts along with excellent business knowledge on different application areas.
2. Experience in the ABAP language will be an added advantage.
Materials provided: SQL Tutorial, Data Modeling and DW concepts

Job roles this course is suitable for:

SAP BW Consultant , SAP BW Associate , SAP HANA Consultant

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