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    Moving into a supervisory role will bring with it new challenges and ; Your primary role as a supervisory it to use strategies to ensure that your team are able to meet targets and objective, it can seem like a daunting ; The ILM Level  2 Team Leading Certificate qualification provides the opportunity to explore and develop the essential skills required for team leading effectively.

    The importance of a management qualification
    More and More employers are actively looking for a manager who has a management qualification, a management qualification on your CV, will enhance your profile and make you stand out from the crowd.
    Only 1 in 5 managers have a management qualification - an ILM Leadership and Management qualification will ensure that you get seen.

    Key Benefits of the Course and Progression
    The  core skills to lead a team successfully
    Motivation techniques to get the best the ;
    Develop the confidence to tackle difficult issues like underperformance 
    Be equipped with tools to develop as a leader
    You will develop the competency to manage people and relationships
    You will be able to promote better communication and collaboration within your team

     An ILM level 2 Qualification can also support your career progression and promotion to a supervisory positions, as the qualification is seen by employers as a strong indication of your management capabilities

    Course Aims
    This qualification is ideal for those who have management responsibilities but no formal training, or those aspiring or moving into a management ; You will gain essential skills in key areas including leading people through organisational change, budget cuts or other ; The qualifications are made up of a wide range of units covering core management skills - such as understanding how to organise and delegate - plus skills in communication, team leadership, change, innovation and managing people and relationships.
    Course Structure
    The ILM Certificates requires that you complete 15 credits from the selection of units from group 1 & ;
    The qualification provides for a degree of flexibility of what units you choose from depending on your mode of study, there are a wide range of units to choose, please see a selection of the units that we offer
    Group 1 - Mandatory
    Developing Yourself as a Team Leader
    Improving Performance of the Work Team
    Planning and Monitoring Work

    Group 2 - Selection of Units Available
    Understanding Change in the Workplace
    Developing the Work Team
    Leading Your Work Team
    Managing Yourself
    Diversity in the Workplace
    Briefing the Work Team
    Using Information to Solve Problems
    Gathering, Interpreting and Utilising Data in the Workplace
    Business Improvement Techniques
    Understanding the Implications of Working in an Enterprise
    Understanding Sales in the Workplace
    Working Within Organisational and Legal Guidelines

    As part of your qualification, you will be required to complete an assessment in relation to all of the units on your ; ILM's approach to assessment is to ensure that it enables you apply and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and awareness to real-life workplace challenges.
     In order to obtain this prestigious and highly recognised qualification, you will need to complete an assessment for each unit, which is usually 1 assessment per ;  Assessments can be taken in a variety of formats, from presentations to written reports.
    Resources and Support
    As part of this course you will be provided with the essential requirements for success!  You will be allocated an experienced and expert Leadership E-coach who will provide support and guidance throughout your ; They will assist you with the completion of your assessments, providing feedback and ; You will also be provided with access to a range of resources, both online and hard copy ; As part of the course you will receive complimentary ILM studying membership, the benefits of which include:
    Complimentary subscription to Edge magazine, the Institute's leadership and management magazine
    The Ci Zone, free access to a suite of interactive career development tools and resources.
    The Resource Centre brings you the access to latest leadership and management thinking through a free online catalogue of e-books, business books summaries and thousands of e-journal articles.
    The LearningZonehas over 400 digital learning resources covering essential management and leadership topics, many of which have been mapped to directly support learners on the ILM programmes.

    Full access to the ILM Insight  - where managers, leaders, HR professionals, training experts,
    academics and opinion-formers come to network, share advice and find hot topics and research.
    What is included in the cost?
    • Registration and certification
    • Course materials/handbook/e-learning resources
    • ILM Studying Membership
    • Assessment marking and feedback on assessments
    An allocated tutor who provides support and guidance throughout the course
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    Eligibility / Requirements

    Who should attend?
    There are no formal entry requirements.
    This qualification is designed for new and aspiring team leaders or those who would like to step into a supervisory role. It gives an in-depth introduction to the role and responsibilities of a team leader.

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