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Companies often times put profitability ahead of environmental policies as they prefer the green of the money as opposed to the environment. However at the end of the day, everyone is facing the environmental challenges together, and so organisations have to implement environmental sustainability plans. With the help of this Level 2 Certificate in Environmental Management Systems (EMS) course you can certainly achieve that goal.
This course has a clear motive of teaching you about Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and how it can benefit your organisation. This is done through helping you understand what EMS involves, three types of EMS's, and benefits of developing EMS's. Following these you move onto the step-by-step process for developing an organisation EMS. Next you will learn to determine the environmental aspects and impacts of your organisation before moving onto exploring the use of Environmental Significance Standard. Finally you will also look into rooting out reasonable objectives and targets using the previous modules.
The course overall can help you implement an appropriate EMS within your organisation, which in turn can help with issues such as pollution prevention, odour management, water usage and energy conservation. So take advantage of this amazing opportunity and get this course immediately.

  • Course Overview
  • Environmental Management
  • Developing an EMS
  • Environmental Aspects and Impacts
  • Environmental Significance
  • Objectives and Targets
Updated on 17 September, 2019

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Environmental Manager , EMS Assistant

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