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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

Course details

Course Objective:

The objective of this course is to familiarize students with Adobe Illustrator. We will cover, in depth, all the basics which will allow you to start making professional looking graphics immediately. The classroom is a collaborative environment. We encourage you to ask questions and give feedback. The main goal is to give you enough experience in Adobe Illustrator that you will leave the class contend in your ability to create any type of art design you desire.

Course Contents:

• Using the workspace
;   Exploring the interface
;  Choosing a workspace
; Opening a file
;  Using artboards
;    Changing your view
;   Zooming and scrolling
; Using tools and panels
viii. Exploring the Control panel
;  Working with panels and the dock
• Learning essential skills
; Using the shape tools
;   Repositioning and resizing shapes
;  The Transform panel
xiii. Constraining a shape
; Entering exact dimensions
;  Selecting artwork
; Using the shape and transform tools
xvii. Introducing layers
xviii. Cutting and pasting objects
; Repeating transformations
• Adding color
; Exploring the Appearance panel
xxi. Changing colors
xxii. Adding effects
xxiii. Using Live Paint
xxiv. Adding a symbol
xxv. Saving swatches
xxvi. Selecting the same color
xxvii. Creating a color group
xxviii. Using the Color panel
xxix. Adding Pantone colors
• Using the drawing tools
xxx. Understanding the Pen tool
xxxi. Straight, curved and hinged lines
xxxii. Tracing images
xxxiii. Creating a tracing template
xxxiv. Working with Image Trace
xxxv. Using the Line, Pencil and Eraser tools
xxxvi. Editing existing paths
xxxvii. Adding and removing points
xxxviii. Cutting and joining paths
xxxix. The Shape Builder
• Additional color options
xl. Adding tonal values with gradients
xli. Customizing an existing gradient
xlii. Saving a gradient
xliii. Using the Gradient panel
xliv. Updating a gradient
xlv. Creating a pattern
xlvi. Applying a pattern
xlvii. Editing a pattern
xlviii. Locating existing patterns
xlix. Using the Color Guide
• Adding and formatting text
l. Formatting text
li. Paragraph formatting
lii. Using paragraph and character styles
liii. Editing styles
liv. Putting text on a path
lv. Warping text
lvi. Putting text in a shape
lvii. Creating outlines
lviii. Checking spelling
lix. Using Find and Replace
• Using layers
;  Getting to know the Layers panel
; Using layers to organize an illustration
lxii. Selecting using the Layers panel
lxiii. Creating new layers
lxiv. Showing and hiding layers
;  Locking and unlocking layers
; Rearranging layers
lxvii. Moving items between layers
lxviii. Remembering layers when pasting
; Creating a template layer Updated on 23 December, 2020

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