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Price: KES 30,000
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I have met many people who are just happy to be existing but have nothing beyond the fact that they are here, they don’t know WHY? Most people die with their music still inside them.
I meet people who ask me, “what can I change at my age?” it is possible to re-write the future It is possible to live an exponential life. I have worked with hundreds of people to help them move past self-doubt, fear and insecurity and those voices in their head that hold them back.
It Will Cost You More Than Money
My coaching is not for everyone.
My coaching requires courage and commitment.
My clients and I work together for 6 months or 12 months and their life absolutely transforms.
I will Say boldly what needs to be said for you to be do and have your ultimate desired vision for your life.
I will leverage for you to dream you biggest, badest most inspiring dream possible. I will walk you through your “heroes” journey where you have an understanding who you are and how the dots connect for your life to finally have a meaning.
And i will hide nothing. I am here to create the most powerful coaching experience you have ever experienced, I will seek to Discover the Glimpse of Genius in the person in front of me.
My clients tell me that one of the biggest blessing I am for them is that they know I always believe in them, even when they forget to believe in themselves. I will Be on a relentless quest to go deeper than you ever imagined you wanted to go. Find your “secret dream” – the goal behind their goal.
I will give you my absolute, full, undivided attention. I Refuse to buy into any dis-empowering story you may bring with you. I will Challenge how you see the world. I will Tap into something deeper. Your purpose; a higher calling; the universe; God. I will speak and coach my a heart centered place and from that place we shall together make the impossible, possible! Our work together will be intense – deep, one-on-one coaching that uncovers your hidden limiting believes giving you the tools you need to succeed. Updated on 29 December, 2017

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No prior experience required to take this course.

About Destiny Life Coaching

ICR accredited In-Person Intensive Coach Training Programs A Step-by-Step Life Coaching Training For Becoming a Life Coach and Starting Your Own Coaching Business. Register now and guarantee your seat in this limited-space course! Your investment for this course is Ksh 50,000.00. MPESA TILL NUMBER 593038 The price of the 3-day Coach Training Intensive includes meals: Day 1 We focus on Our Results Coaching strategies and Techniques. Day 2 focuses on Practical coaching and positive psychology, and the third day is focused on Your Coaching business development and graduation.

Make your Move! Become an Extra ordinary Life Coach.
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