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Digital Product Leadership course is a spark that initiates lifelong learning for professionals with a deep desire to excel at building SaaS products. We found our best students to work on the job in a time bound ;

Essentially, We help you be "Present" and "think" as you make product choices. If you have ever wanted to be a disrupter like  UBER, Amazon, Salesforce, Zoho, Google, Airbnb and struggled to grasp the discipline that made them successful then we have something worth your time.

The Good, Bad and Ugly - Mastery of Self
Good Will Hunting - Reflections on Today  
The Ultimate Legacy - My Vision for a Perfect Future

Why do this ?
People buy from other people they like. This exercise is to bring out a dramatic story of ourselves to begin with. Mission, Vision and Objectives we care about going forward. Stories resonate with people. As entrepreneurs we have to learn to dramatize our own life story to begin with.

Wheat and Shaft - The Innovator's Conundrum
Crossing the Chasm - The Change Manifesto  
Labyrinth - Reflections on People Psychology

Why do this ?
"When you lose everything you want you will find the only thing you need " goes a saying. A product customers love would ideally focus on relieving a persistent pain in their Life. Helping them recognize their pain and encouraging them to consume a pain killer is no easy job. Successful innovators are those that  overcome the hidden forces of the mind resisting change.

Predictably Irrational  - What drives the Buyer ?
The Adaptive Journey - Continuous Need Discovery
Beauty and the Beast -  Applied Design Thinking

Why do this ?
"Thinking is difficult that's why most people judge " said a wise man. Assumption driven decisions is the bane plaguing creators, creation and the ecosystem. A market is nothing but a large group of people. Getting to know them and their situations will help us build desirable products.

A Few Good Men - Study of Product Management and Leadership
Moneyball -  Study of Jobs to be Done
The Deep Sea - Unearthing the Painful Experiences

Why do this ?
"... Great Leaders are Thinkers and Doers said a wise man. Today, we have a dearth of people who can balance both thinking and doing. Best products first and foremost meet an urgent need of customers and then work hard to differentiate themselves in the ;.

The Fight Club - Forming the Problem Hypothesis
The Frontline -  Everything about Decision Making Unit (DMU)
A Beautiful Mind  - Unearthing Personas

Why do this ?
"Sell the Problem you Solve not the Product " goes a saying.  The truth is there is no "one" problem. Uncovering all those problems is important. Selecting the right problem you can solve for the right audience 10x better is crucial.

Finding Nemo - How to Resonate with Audience  
The Epiphany - Discovering our Purpose
Inception         - Attracting and Retaining Mindshare

Why do this ?
"...manipulate what's already in the mind and retie the connections " said Al Ries, the Marketing Guru.  You can only disrupt what's existing. It's critical to find a paying customer who is waiting for our solution immediately with an effective pitch.

Start with Why ? - Focus on Belief, Purpose and Emotions
Pitch Perfect  - Overcoming Resistance to Change
Impossible to Inevitable  - The Elevator Pitch

Why do this ?
"The way you shape your story affects not just you but future generations " said a wise man.  A product if successful leaves a legacy and enables a lot of people to benefit from visionary efficiencies. The Challenge every entrepreneur faces is not selling the solution but selling the story.

The Beachhead  - Go to Market Strategy
The Terminator  - Understanding Blue Ocean Strategy
Impossible to Inevitable  - A Winning Team

Why do this ?
"What you have done is nothing compared to what you can Do " said Grant Cadone of the 10x Rule.  It's easier said than done. 2 things need to be mastered before you can further the story. What is currently available ? What capabilities do we need to assemble ? 

The Matrix  - The Customer Technology Landscape
The Hard Thing about Hard Things  - Solution Components and Capabilities
Delivering Happiness  - Business Model Hypothesis

Why do this ?
"the devil is in the details makes a great deal of difference " said Joseph Biden, former VP USA.  You can only disrupt and sustain that provided there is comprehensive idea of why, how and what will be built. Updated on 16 August, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

4 Years of Experience working in Software Teams in a facilitative role.

Comfortable helping teams make quick decisions and implement

Adaptive at Transforming customer expectations into Desirable Solutions.

Knack to balance Strategic Priorities with Tactical Necessities

Ability to drive contextual study of problem, prospects and people.

Assist Team Members bring out their best ideas to solve a Pain


About Introlligent

Introlligent is a boutique training and coaching brand with a focus to upskill students, professionals and entrepreneurs in the MENA region. We provide certified courses in Digital Product Management and Software Management. In addition to on-site campuses, we also offer the same courses, live online. Both on-site and online courses are taught by real-world product leaders who are building real companies. Designed to meet the specific need of the individual. The curriculum contains a healthy mix of hands-on projects, group exercises, case studies and interview prep. See all Introlligent courses

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