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    Introduction to stock management

    · Supply chain management scope
    · Functions and objectives of supply chain management
    · Objectives of inventory planning and stock control
    · Reasons to hold inventory
    · Inventory information system considerations
    · Inventory push versus pull systems
    · Identifying inventory costs
    · Customer service in inventory management
    Day 2
    Description and classification of inventory

    · Types of inventory
    · The inventory ABC classification ranking model
    · Uses of the ABC ranking
    Forecasting demand and lead time
    · The inventory order cycle
    · Dependent versus independent demand
    · Factors affecting demand
    · Factors impacting demand forecast accuracy
    · Demand patterns
    · Time series forecasting methods
    · Seasonal demand
    · Moving average
    · Exponential smoothing
    Day 3
    Measuring the accuracy of the forecast

    · Setting lead time and methods to control it
    · Inventory costs
    · Inventory cost elements
    · Cost of item
    · Purchasing cost
    · Carrying or holding cost
    · Stock-out cost
    Inventory systems
    · The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model
    · Dealing with quantity discounts
    · Objectives of safety stocks
    · Setting safety stocks
    · Determining the Reorder Point (ROP)
      Updated on 26 July, 2018

    Eligibility / Requirements

    There are no eligibility requirements to attend this course.

    Job roles this course is suitable for:

    procurement manager , Marketing manager , Warehouse Manager

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