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    Day One
    Definitions of conflict

    · Nature and scope of conflict management
    · Misconceptions about conflict
    · Sources of conflict
    · Positive and negative factors of conflict
    · When conflict comes between you and your desired results
    Day Two
    ·Thomas Kilmann conflict resolution mode instrument

    · Scoring and interpretation
    · Ways of coping with conflict
    · Assumptions and outcome of conflict
    · Managing conflict and using an appropriate style for more effective outcomes
    · Approaches to conflict resolution
    · Giving and receiving feedback
    · Assumptions in disagreement
    · Creating a collaborative work environment for faster and better results
    Day Three
    Influencing others in a problem solving context

    · The use of emotional intelligence in conflict management
    · Working effectively with team members
    · Managing emotions, information and problems
    · Tips for effective day to day conflict management
    · Resolving conflict before it gets out of hand
    · Managing conflict with superiors and subordinates
    · Getting better results through negotiation
    · Establishing or regaining credibility so you can begin to influence people
    · Achieving trust down and across the organization
    Importance of teamwork
    · Managing conflict in teams
    · Dealing with dysfunctional team roles
    · Enhancing communication in a team
    · Effective team problem solving
    · Approaches to conflict and pattern of escalation
    Day Four

    · Definitions of influence and the bases of power
    · Changing the bases of power
    · Persuading others by using your power bases
    · Identifying ways to build relationships upward, downward and laterally
    · Understanding the person you are trying to influence and persuading them through give and take
    · Selling your ideas and implementing change successfully
    · Influencing people while projecting self confidence without being pushy
    Day 5
    The art of changing hearts, minds and actions

    · Influence and the psychology of persuasion
    · The power to change anything
    · Action plan for developing your conflict resolution skills and influence
    · Strategies for developing charismatic qualities
    · Leadership for influence and power Updated on 16 May, 2018

    Eligibility / Requirements

    There are no eligibility requirements to attend this course.

    About Convertas

    CONVERTAS is a reliable advisory firm, helping organizations develop their activities to align with their objectives adopting the best practices.
    Our trainings and workshops cover all areas of business including Management,Soft Skills and Human Resourses Management, Marketing and Sales, Accounting and Finance, Procurement  and Logistics, targeting organizations, managers and employees. Whether in-house or public, trainings are organized with the highest qualified trainers.
    Our methodology relies more on the use of audio-visual impact which is more effective than the lecture style. Presentations, videos and simulations methods have proven to be very effective for people to remember.
    Moreover, doing and teaching are the best vehicles for learning and remembering. This includes involving the trainee in the teaching process by interacting, through completing worksheets and inciting to explain and present what is acquired.

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