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From Management To Leadership
This programme explores the differences between management roles and leadership roles, preparing delegates to move into or develop their executive skills.

Day 1 -Moving into Leadership - what is the difference between leaders and managers?
The difference between management and leadership roles will be explored within the context of business ;
Review of leadership theory, context, adaptation and application - dispel leadership myths,
Leadership competencies - the essential qualities of a natural leader, why leaders fail and use that knowledge to ensure your success
Realise obstacles to leadership development and learn to combat them
Nurture a set of values within your team and decide your 'ultimate leadership goal'ng to John Kotter  "It is about aligning people to the vision, that means buy-in and communication, motivation and inspiration".

Day 2 - Leading the right way
Leading with integrity -Corporate governance, business ethics, organizational culture and dealing with ambiguity
Understand organisational ethics and culture, in relation to own organisation
Understand how an organisation's ethics and culture influence leadership style and organisational structure
How to leverage ethics and culture to improve organisation performance
Adapting an effective leadership style to motivate staff to achieve organisational values and goals
Effectively managing Vision & Purpose

Day 3 - Aligning strategy with business aims and objectives
The strategic and business planning process - the planning cycle
Strategic planning tools
Understanding corporate strategy and aligning business aims and objectives
Analysing, managing and mitigating risks
Practical case study exercise  - Managing Specific Business Challenges

Day 4 - Critical thinking, problem solving and making decisions for leaders - "Problems are only opportunities in work ;
Critical thinking
Exploring the stimulus for innovation and change management within an organization
Creative thinking Tools and strategies to generate innovative responses to business problems and opportunities
Making informed decisions

Day 5 - Motivating People and promoting performance
Empower your people - seven reasons why people will follow you
Discern what motivates people at the deepest level, and communicate the essentials
Galvanising your team - Inspiring loyalty and trust
Motivating individuals and teams

Our workshops/seminars are……..Engaging,  Relevant and Practical
Our Experienced and expert leadership and management consultants, ensure that workshops/seminars are facilitated in an engaging and interactive ; Industry specialist they are committed to ;  With experience of delivery training to executives at all levels  both in the UK and internationally you will benefit from their  substantial breath of ; This wealth of knowledge and experience will enhance your training experience, regardless of business context or sector. Updated on 22 May, 2018

About Centre for Leadership & Business Management

Developing Leaders, Building Careers......We are passionate about learning and development, and offer a range of services to promote a qualified and skilled workforce.

We offer a comprehensive range of leadership IT, Coaching, mentoring and business management qualifications accredited by our awarding body partners. 
Our qualifications provides credits towards UK University degrees and our partnerships provides excellent university pathways.

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