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    Day 1
    Transport and Road Infrastructure Project Management

    · Importance of network vision and strategic transport planning
    · Understanding transport and road infrastructure project management
    · Importance of early communication and stakeholder management
    · Infrastructure project life cycle and asset management
    · Sustainable transport policy and its role in project and program management
    · Infrastructure project financing and delivery options
    Day 2
    Establishing and Managing an Infrastructure Project - Part A

    · Establishing a transport infrastructure project
    · Identification and use of best project management practice (Prince2, Agile, PMBOK, OnQ, etc.)
    · Establishing and leading the project team
    · Project planning (PID/Mandate /Preliminary business case)
    · Effective project planning to strengthen project management competencies
    · Developing a concept of Operations (CONOPS) / Blue Print
    · Project approvals
    Day 3
    Establishing and Managing an Infrastructure Project - Part B

    · Request for information (RFI) or Market Testing and expression of interest
    · Project procurement
    · Project scheduling and milestone management
    · Project risk management
    · Probity and ethics
    · Project monitoring and control reporting
    Day 4
    Infrastructure Project and Program Governance

    · Understanding the concepts of infrastructure finance and the use of special purpose vehicles
    · Alternative financing plans such as commercial and financial structuring of Public Private Partnerships
    · Difference between infrastructure financing and funding and the challenges in raising finance
    · Project and program governance
    · Achieving value for money in a constrained economic environment
    · Collaborative professional networking for continuous project management
    Day 5
    Project Finalization and Benefit Management

    · Importance of project finalization
    · Constructed designs
    · Project close-out
    · Project benefit management
    · Key learning and concepts
    · Way forward Updated on 13 May, 2018

    Eligibility / Requirements

    There are no eligibility requirements to attend this course.

    Job roles this course is suitable for:

    project manager , Planning Engineer , Transportation Manager

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