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    Day 1: Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility
    · Defining Corporate Social Responsibility
    · The Concepts of Corporate citizenship
    · Business criticism in a CSR cycle
    · Historical perspectives
    · Points of View on CSR
    · Caroll's four-part definition
    Day 2: Importance of CSR
    · 3Ps Theory (People, Planet, Profits)
    · Two different views of CSR
    · Corporations involvement in CSR
    · Arguments for and against CSR
    Ethics and CSR
    · Definitions and relationships
    · Business ethics developments
    · Ways companies integrate ethics
    · Engagement in a global code of business ethics
    · Making decisions on ethical issues
    Day 3: The evolution and revolution of CSR
    · The rise and fall of CSR
    · The failure of CSR: three curses
    · Embracing the future: five principles
    · Shapeshifting: from CSR to CSR
    Day4: Rules for effective CSR communication
    · Characteristics of information relating to CSR
    · Rule 1: act first, talk later
    · Rule 2: the why and the wherefore
    · Rule 3: be prepared
    · Rule 4: CSR must be a boardroom priority
    · Rule 5: involve the employees
    · Rule 6: extract messages
    · Rule 7: everybody is different
    · Rule 8: embrace dialogue
    · Rule 9: become an example of good practice
    · Rule 10: responsible product brands
    Day 5: Challenges of CSR
    · Friedman versus Russell
    · Dimensions of CSR
    · Models of CSR
    · Features of CSR models
    · CSR in developing countries
    · Drivers of CSR in developing countries
    · CSR implementation framework
    · Common mistakes in CSR
    · Factors to consider in a business case for CSR Updated on 13 May, 2018

    Eligibility / Requirements

    There is no criteria for eligibility to attend this course. Although, English language knowledge is a must and business experience would be an advantage.

    Job roles this course is suitable for:

    Board Members , CEO , CFO , Marketing Director

    About Convertas

    CONVERTAS is a reliable advisory firm, helping organizations develop their activities to align with their objectives adopting the best practices.
    Our trainings and workshops cover all areas of business including Management,Soft Skills and Human Resourses Management, Marketing and Sales, Accounting and Finance, Procurement  and Logistics, targeting organizations, managers and employees. Whether in-house or public, trainings are organized with the highest qualified trainers.
    Our methodology relies more on the use of audio-visual impact which is more effective than the lecture style. Presentations, videos and simulations methods have proven to be very effective for people to remember.
    Moreover, doing and teaching are the best vehicles for learning and remembering. This includes involving the trainee in the teaching process by interacting, through completing worksheets and inciting to explain and present what is acquired.

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