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  • Preparation and delivery of group presentations tends to focus on the presenters agenda and needs and not that of the audience
  • ‘PowerPoint’ heavy presentations relay too much on data and a lack of key messages that connect and influence Group presentations are mostly an information sharing exercise and not a means to positively influence the audience
  • The use of electronic presentation aids has complicated and hinders the ability to present affectively and to get the message across
  • There is an overt focus on physical preparation of presentations at the cost to personal preparation which can create information overload
  • Stakeholders have limited time and attention so effective presentations are key in the business environment

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve personal productivity through streamlined preparation
  • Gain confidence in making group presentations
  • Enable participants to ‘get the message across’
  • Understand the differing needs and the audience and how to meet the needs of different behaviour preferences
  • Understand how ones own behaviour preferences influences preparation and affects message delivery
  • Improve the level of influence on the audience to achieve presentation objectives
Updated on 21 March, 2016

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