Luxury Fashion Brand Management - Intensive MECAT Education Training and Consulting
Price: AED 1,000
  • Other Locations: Riyadh Bahrain
  • Duration: 1 Days

    Course details

    This course provides and in-depth knowledge of branding for the luxury and fashion goods industry. Brand managers will be able to know exactly where their products are positioned, understand their role in the market, and analyze the relationships with customers. 

    Targeting Audience

    This course helps both current brands managers and aspiring brand manager in the fashion industry to motivate, build trust, and create desire through various channels of merchandising, marketing, and communication to meet the expectations of the strategy and vision of a luxury brand.

    Learning Objectives:

    The course will guide brand managers to organizational and practical management of a brand in fashion organizations. It will help them to fully apply the key strategies of luxury businesses, master promotional and marketing techniques, and adapt communication through concentrating on intangibles such as customer experience, the impact of social media, and customer relationships.

    Updated on 02 January, 2019

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