Advance Penetration Testing With BackTrack Training Koenig Solutions
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  • Duration: 5 days

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Advance Penetration Testing offers sure-shot security to your networks and computer systems. When coupled with BackTrack, Advance Penetration Testing enables you to build core skills regarding pen testing along with assessing weaknesses of networks. BackTrack is one of the most popular security distribution systems based on Linux. With BackTrack ethical hackers are equipped with a capability to execute ultimate system security tests.

This lucrative course is highly acclaimed and most preferred by security personnel in the industry. It helps you understand, gain in-depth knowledge and get practical experience of not only penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment but also regarding open-source security testing.


You should be equipped with the following qualifications prior to joining this course -

  • Basic know-how of Unix/Linux. It will be better if you know about configuration services and installing software in Unix/Linux.
  • Complete acquaintance with common security and network services


If you are aiming for a great leap in your IT career and wish to be an in-demand penetration tester who is an expert of current tools and mechanisms such as BackTrack, this course is just the right choice for you. Security personnel, network administrators and system admins can also go for this certification and enhance their knowledge as well as stay updated with the latest IT security trends.

Course Objectives

With this course, you can be well-versed in the concepts that follow -

  • Externally penetrating into enterprise systems of high security
  • Navigating the network without being spotted by Intrusion Detection Systems or Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS).
  • Find a way around the established security mechanisms used commonly such as IPS/IDS, locked desktops and WAFs
  • Executing pen testing for environments that need high security such as governments, financial institutions, banks, military etc.
  • Addressing a broad range of challenging IT security concerns in corporate sphere
  • Securing IT systems with advanced hacking tools and techniques used in pen testing
  • Employing BackTrack for fulfilling IT security objectives of an enterprise that are mentioned above
Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Koenig was the winner of Microsoft Citizenship Partner of the Year award for 2009. Koenig was also the Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year Finalist for 2008. Participants from all over the world (61 countries at last count) regularly travel to Koenig to upgrade their skills.

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