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Photoshop Basics

  • Overview of the Photoshop CS4 interface 
  • Bitmaps and vectors explained 
  • Image modes 
  • Image size and resolution 
  • Image colour concepts 

Photoshop Selection Techniques

  • Essential image navigation shortcuts 
  • The marquee tools 
  • Adding and subtracting selections 
  • Automatic selection using the wand tool 
  • Automatic selection using the quick selection brush 
  • Manual cut-out techniquesl 
  • Transforming a selection 
  • Understanding selection edges 
  • Refining selection edges 
  • Saving and reloading a selection 

Photoshop Basic Tools and Colour

  • Overview of the Photoshop toolset 
  • Brushes and brush types 
  • Adjusting brushes 
  • Choosing colours by eye 
  • Numerical colour 
  • Pantone colour 
  • Do's and don'ts of choosing colours 
  • The background image 
  • Erasing and canvas colour 

Layer Masks in Photoshop

  • Introduction to the power of layer masks 
  • Creating a layer mask from a selection 
  • Modifying a layer mask using the paintbrush tool 
  • Tricks for modifying mask edges for cut-out 
  • The gradient tool and masks 

Photoshop Layers - Combining Images

  • Layer blending modes 
  • Layer opacity 
  • Transforming and distorting layers 
  • Working with multiple layers 
  • Creating montages 

Image Adjustments in Photoshop

  • Destructive verses non-destructive techniques 
  • Using adjustment layers 
  • Levels explained 
  • Colour balance and colour balance considerations 
  • Hue and saturation 
  • Selective adjustments using masks 

Photoshop Filters

  • An overview of Photoshop filters and their uses 
  • Pixel (100%) view and what it means 
  • Advantages of using smart filters 
  • Image sharpening in detail 
  • Image blurring 
  • Selective filtering 

Layer Effects in Photoshop

  • Overview of layer effects 
  • Applying drop shadow 
  • Applying other layer effects 

Steps to Prepare and Image for End Use in Photoshop

  • Opening an image using Adobe Bridge 
  • Scan resolution and dpi explained in depth 
  • Reference to colour bit depth 
  • Cropping and sizing (the quick way) 
  • Image adjustments using levels, colour balance and hue/saturation 
  • Further correction to images using Shadow/highlight 
  • Re-touching using the clone tool 
  • Re-touching using the healing tool 
  • The new Clone Source Palette 

Photoshop File Formats

  • Considerations when choosing a file format 
  • Common file formats explained
Updated on 27 April, 2016

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