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    Business Intelligence (BI) refers to a set of technology-based techniques, applications, and practices used to aggregate, analyze, and present business data. BI practices provide historical and current views of vast amounts of data and generate predictions for business operations. The purpose of Business Intelligence is the support of better business decision making. This course provides an overview of the technology and application of BI and how it can be used to improve corporate performance.

    Who is the Course for?

    • Business analysts
    • Project managers
    • Business managers
    • Data analysts
    • IT architects

    Course Overview:

    Getting Started

    • Introductions
    • Agenda
    • Expectations

    Module 1: Foundation Concepts

    • The challenge of decision making
    • What is Business Intelligence?
    • The Business Intelligence value proposition
    • Business Intelligence taxonomy
    • Business Intelligence management issues

    Module 2: Sources of Business Intelligence
    Data warehousing

    • Data and information
    • Information architecture

    Defining the data warehouse and its relationships

    • Facts and dimensions
    • Modeling, meta-modeling, and schemas
    • Alternate architectures

    Building the data warehouse

    • Extracting
    • Transforming
    • Loading

    Setting up the data and relationships

    • Dimensions and the Fact Table
    • Implementing many-to-many relationships in data warehouse
    • Data marts

    Module 3: Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
    What is OLAP?

    • OLAP and OLTP
    • OLAP functionality


    • Thinking in more than two dimensions
    • What are the possibilities?

    OLAP architecture

    • Cubism
    • Tools
    • OLAP variations - MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP
    • BI using SOA
    • Applications of Business Intelligence
    • Applying BI through OLAP
    • Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM
    • Business Intelligence and financial information
    • Module 4: Business Intelligence User Interfaces and Presentations

    Data access

    • Push-pull data access
    • Types of decision support systems
    • Designing the front end
    • Presentation formats


    • Types of dashboards
    • Common dashboard features
    • Briefing books and scorecards

    Querying and Reporting

    • Reporting emphasis
    • Retrofitting
    • Talking back
    • Key Performance Indicators

    Report Definition and Visualization

    • Typical reporting environment
    • Forms of visualization
    • Unconstrained views

    Data mining

    • What is in the mine?
    • Applications for data mining
    • Data mining architecture
    • Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CISP-DM)
    • Data mining techniques
    • Validation

    Module 5: The Business Intelligence User Experience
    The business analyst role

    • Business analysis and data analysis
    • Five-step approach
    • Cultural impact
    • Identifying questions
    • Gathering information

    Understand the goals

    • The strategic Business Intelligence cycle
    • Focus of Business Intelligence
    • Design for the user

    Iterate the access

    • Iterative solution development process
    • Review and validation questions

    Basic approaches

    • Building ad-hoc queries
    • Building on-demand self-service reports
    • Closed loop Business Intelligence
    • Coming attractions - future of Business Intelligence
    • Best practices in Business Intelligence


    Participants should have a basic understanding of information systems technology and database fundamentals.

    Updated on 20 March, 2018

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