Professional Kitchen and Pastry Programme Scafa
Price: AED30,000 to AED56,000
  • Duration: 3 to 6 Month
  • Timings: Full time attendance

    Course details

    Professional Kitchen Programme (3 months)

    The Professional Kitchen Programme is for a duration of 3 months and is designed for beginners looking for an international standard, professional cooking programme. The Professional Kitchen Programme focuses on teaching all the fundamental techniques for cooking and food handling, and prepares students to become professional chefs suitable for entry-level positions (commis) in any restaurant kitchen globally.

    Students will spend approximately 70% of their time learning culinary technique (French classical) with the remainder of the programme devoted to the application of these acquired skills to world cuisines. All subjects are developed and taught in a practical environment (90% hands on) where students will be able to learn, understand, create and develop their skills in cooking. The class size is restricted to 12 students only.

    SCAFA ensures a Teacher Pupil Ratio of 1:6, whenever there are more than 6 students in the class, the school will ensure the presence of a second teacher so that each student gets the individual attention necessary for a professional culinary programme.

    Professional Finishing Programme (3 months)

    The Pro Finishing Programme is a 3-month programme designed for students who have completed their Pro Kitchen Programme, or an equivalent programme from another culinary school. For applicants who have qualified from another school, SCAFA will conduct a practical evaluation to assess their eligibility for the Pro Finishing Programme. 

    Professional Pastry Programme (3 months)

    Professional Pastry is the 3-month baking, pastry and desserts programme offered at SCAFA, Dubai’s School of Culinary and Finishing Arts. It is the best programme of study for students looking for professional pastry qualifications and skills.

    Updated on 19 July, 2016

    About Scafa

    SCAFA, Dubai’s School of Culinary And Finishing Arts is a full-service culinary arts training institute offering the complete spectrum of culinary arts courses.We have full-time education programmes for students aspiring to become professional chefs and advanced programmes for chefs looking to upskill their abilities. The School also offers professional courses for students seeking professional skills but lacking the time to commit to full-time education, thereby offering these individuals an opportunity to pursue their ambition.Under the expert guidance of our instructors, students will learn practical skills that will become second nature. With world-class culinary, finishing and etiquette arts training, SCAFA students learn the skills they need to deliver style, excellence in quality and sophistication.
    What’s more, professional students can be placed in apprenticeships at superior restaurants or hotels locally and internationally. 

    SCAFA also offers courses and programmes for enthusiasts and amateurs, an outstanding programme for children, culinary-centric team building events for corporates and menu development Consulting Services for new restaurant concepts. Be it bloggers, caterers, restaurant owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, authors or food enthusiasts, SCAFA has a course to suit everyone’s needs.

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