Price: AED 18,900
  • Other Location: JLT - Dubai
  • Duration: 3 months - part time
  • Timings: Flexible

Course details

The Home Pro Programme is a 3-month programme to help students who are holding full-time jobs or cannot participate in a full-time culinary education programme, but who love the craft and are keen to pursue a culinary career. Key features of the programme are:

  • The programme is delivered through 40 intensive classes, 3 times a week in the evenings.
  • The condensed programme is derived from the professional programme and covers many of the same cooking techniques as covered in the full-time professional programmes.
  • The programme focuses on teaching all the fundamental techniques for cooking and food handling, and prepares students to become professional chefs suitable for entry-level positions (commis) in any restaurant kitchen globally.
  • Students pursuing this programme are expected to practice whatever they learn in class at home to attain the same level of hands-on experience as the full-time professional programme students.
  • Students receive a certificate attested by the Govt. of Dubai’s KHDA upon successful completion of the programme and passing the final assessment.

Programme fees cover:

  • All course and study material
  • Ingredients, tool and equipment
  • Uniforms
Updated on 16 November, 2015

About Scafa

SCAFA, Dubai’s School of Culinary And Finishing Arts is a full-service culinary arts training institute offering the complete spectrum of culinary arts courses.We have full-time education programmes for students aspiring to become professional chefs and advanced programmes for chefs looking to upskill their abilities. The School also offers professional courses for students seeking professional skills but lacking the time to commit to full-time education, thereby offering these individuals an opportunity to pursue their ambition.Under the expert guidance of our instructors, students will learn practical skills that will become second nature. With world-class culinary, finishing and etiquette arts training, SCAFA students learn the skills they need to deliver style, excellence in quality and sophistication.
What’s more, professional students can be placed in apprenticeships at superior restaurants or hotels locally and internationally. 

SCAFA also offers courses and programmes for enthusiasts and amateurs, an outstanding programme for children, culinary-centric team building events for corporates and menu development Consulting Services for new restaurant concepts. Be it bloggers, caterers, restaurant owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, authors or food enthusiasts, SCAFA has a course to suit everyone’s needs.

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