Pilates Instructor eta College
Price: AED 4,950
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Timings: Weekends 12-5pm

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    Course Overview

    The course objective is to give you the knowledge and skills to lead and instruct Pilates Mat classes. You will be able to utilize your knowledge of various training methods and adapt your teaching methods and styles to the requirements of the individual or group 


    1. Describe anatomical structures and systems of the human body
    2. Conduct anatomical and biomechanical analysis of movement 
    3. Adapt exercises using biomechanical principles to ensure safety and effective movement 
    4. Describe the principles of training
    5. Describe the physiological systems of the human body and the effect of the environment on performance
    6. Demonstrate knowledge of endurance training
    7. Demonstrate knowledge of resistance training
    8. Demonstrate flexibility training methods and techniques
    9. Demonstrate knowledge of speed and power training
    10. Conduct a physical activity readiness assessment and interpret the results 
    11. Understand methods and protocols of fitness testing and prepare participants for testing
    12. Analyse and evaluate posture and body alignment
    13. Measure body composition
    14. Conduct muscle fitness and flexibility tests
    15. Conduct sub-maximal endurance tests
    16. Advise on nutrition and its role in sustaining health and managing weight 
    17. Interpret food labels 
    18. Advise on health enhancing supplements
    19. Refer clients with complex nutritional issues to appropriate professional
    20. Understand the history / methods and additional anatomy for Pilates 
    21. Understand Pilates Mat exercises with their modifications, cautions and teaching points
    22. Plan and prepare to instruct safe and effective Pilates Mat exercise classes
    23. Instruct a range of exercise classes using appropriate teaching methods and leadership skills

    Accrediting Body:  REPS UAE

    Updated on 08 November, 2015

    About eta College

    eta is a private training college specialising in qualifications that lead to employment in the sport and fitness industries. As a single-purpose training college, we provide dynamic courses in sport and fitness that lead to qualifications that are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Our qualifications are benchmarked against the best international standards in sport and fitness.  This means that our graduates find employment easily; all over the world..

    As a specialist training college, eta‘s unique teaching approach ensures that students are totally immersed in the theory and practice of their subjects. We balance classroom theory and research with applied practice and authentic work integrated learning. Our students leave us fitter and stronger than when they started thus they graduate skilled and ready for the workplace.

    eta is an accredited training college, registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. In fulfilling its accreditation criteria, eta is recognized by the Register of Exercise Professionals SA (REPSSA) and our graduates are able to join this international professional body as soon as they qualify. Not only that, the first year of REPSSA membership for our graduating fitness students is sponsored by eta.

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