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Price: AED 5,500
  • Duration: 5 Days

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This five-day workshop is a tool for your management development. It is designed to help you create and accomplish your personal best, and to help you manage and lead others to get extraordinary things done.

At its core, management means setting goals, lighting a path, and persuading others to follow. But the responsibility entails much more. Today’s managers must get their message out in a way that inspires, make the most of their limited time, and build roads to precious resources. They must negotiate alliances, improve their colleagues, and align the ambitions of the many with the needs of the organization.

What makes for a great manager? Is it something to do with inward characteristics, such as confidence and focus? Is it more about outward presence, including charm and compassion? Or is it about the ability to create a vision and get others to commit to it?

The answer is all of the above. By accepting the challenge, you come to realize that the only limits are those you place on yourself. Updated on 28 November, 2017

About SMART Management Training & Consultancy

SMART Management Training and Consultancy is a UK work-based training provider. We specialize in providing high-quality training and development opportunities aimed at individuals and corporates across the Gulf and Africa.
SMART Management Training and Consultancy delivers public and onsite courses as well as customized courses for any organizations's specific needs. Attendees receive high-quality training designed to implement programmes using proven techniques. Each year our training programmes help thousands of professionals both in the GCC and internationally.

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