Intermediate MS Excel Optimizer Middle East
Price: AED 900
  • Duration: 16 Hours

Course details

Course Overview
  • Spreadsheets & Its Terminology
  • Understanding Excel Interface
  • Entering & Editing Data
  • Opening, Closing & Saving Workbook
  • Prevent Data Loss in the Event of System Crash
  • Didn't Save a Workbook? Don't Worry - Recover Unsaved
  • Workbooks
Basic Formula & Function
  • Difference between a Formula & Function
  • Learning the Core Excel Functions
  • Nesting Functions
  • Understanding Relative, Absolute & Mixed Referencing
  • Defining Names and Using them in Functions
Formatting Techniques
  • Useful Formatting Tools
  • Using Special Number Formatting
  • Applying Predefined Styles & Themes
  • Inserting Pictures, Objects & Smart Art
Working with Dates & Time
  • The Science of Dates & Time in Excel
  • Useful Date & Time Functions
Efficient Handling of Large Data
  • Quick Data Selection Techniques - Use of Ctrl & Shift Keys
  • Quick Data Entry Techniques
  • Using the Fill Handle
  • Accelerating Copy Paste
  • Learning Sorting & Filtering
Analyzing Data with Conditional Formatting
  • Highlighting Cells based on Different Criteria
Using the Data Bars, Icon Sets & Color ScalesWorking with Tables
  • Exploring the Power of Excel Tables
  • Creating Dynamic Ranges with Tables
Working with Charts & Graphs
  • Dos & DONTs of Excel Charting
  • Creating a Chart in no Time!
  • Useful Charting Techniques
Lookup Functions
  • Learning the Powerful IF Function
  • Evaluating Multiple Results with Nested IF
  • Learning the All Important VLOOKUP & Its
  • Limitations
  • Analyzing Data with Criteria - SUMIF Family
  • Functions
Pivot Tables
  • Understanding the Power of Pivot Tables - An
  • Excellent Reporting Tool!
  • How to Create a Pivot Table
  • How to Generate Reports from Pivot Tables
  • Managing & Presenting Pivot Table
Managing Workbook & Worksheet
  • Linking Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Performing Calculations across Worksheets with
  • 3D Formula
  • Creating a Hyperlink
  • Printing Fundamentals
  • Protecting Workbook with Password
  • Restrict Editing Data 
Updated on 27 November, 2019

About Optimizer Middle East


Optimizer Middle East is a professional organization located in Business village, Deira, Dubai, UAE and active in the MENA countries. The core business of the organization encompass services and consultancies in accounting management systems based on international standards and professional training including technical, management and accounting with the objective of developing personnel skills. 

We have executed various professional development projects the Gulf region and North Africa till date targeting to be a leader for Training and development in the area.


We Optimizer Middle East shall become the professional umbrella for all the training and development professionals in MENA regions.


Develop, organize, sustain through providing professional services, consultancies and training with the objective of disseminating standardized and developed professional practices to individuals and private as well as governmental organizations in MENA region.

Our Objectives:

  • Provision of knowledge as skills
  • Empowering individuals and organizations in MENA region with the latest professional advanced tools  
  • Introduction of conceptual practices in the organizational activities
  • Qualifying professional experts in the government and private sector
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