Arabic Language for Non-Arabs Innovators Training Center
Price: AED 1,250
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Timings: Flexible

    Course details

    Course Objectives:

    The main objective of the course is to teach the language with its four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) at different levels.

    Key features:

    • The major focus of the course is on grammar and sentence structure.
    • Comprehensive vocabulary in a wide range of topics.
    • Authentic listening materials.
    • Regular quizzes during the course.
    • Practice drills on an activity CD.
    • Online tests and practice exercises.
    • The course is supplemented by a series of episodes (videos).
    • The use of modern learning aids, such as computers and projectors (data show).
    Accredited from:

    • Knowledge and Human Development Authority. 
    • Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.
    • WAFUNIF - United Nations.

    Updated on 18 June, 2017

    About Innovators Training Center

    At Innovators we provides individuals and organizations worldwide with the knowledge, skills, and tools to achieve performance excellence, adapt to changing realities, and prosper in a complex and competitive world of globalization. We are accredited from:

    1- Knowledge and Human Development Authority – Dubai. 
    2- Federal Authority for Government Human Resources – U.A.E. 
    3- WAFUNIF – United Nations.

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