Data Analysis with Excel Optimizer Middle East
Price: AED 1,800
AED 2,250
  • Other Location: Deira - Dubai
  • Duration: 16 Hours

    Course details

    • Benefits of Performing Data Analysis
    • Stages of Data Analysis
    Summarizing & Analyzing Large Data
    • Analyzing Performance against Target
    • Using Powerful New Features
      • Flash Fill
      • Quick Analysis
    • Advanced Data Sorting techniques
    • Advanced Filtering Techniques
    • Applying Validation Checks on Data
    Conditional Formatting
    • Highlighting Data Based on Specified Criteria
    • Create your own Formatting Rules
    • Using Non Charting Visualization
      • Data Bars
      • Icon Sets
      • Color Scales
    Excel New Feature: Sparklines
    • What are Sparklines?
    • Inserting & Modifying Sparklines
    • Analyzing Data with Sparklines
    • Performing Tweaks with Sparklines
    • Handling Missing Data
    • Making the Sparklines Dynamic (Auto-Update)
    Advanced Charts & Graphs
    • Going through different types of Charts
    • Modifying Charts and Working with Chart Options
    • Advanced Charts Formatting
      • Inserting Text and Pictures inside Charts
      • Modifying Chart Axis
    • Creating Specialized Charts for Measuring Performance
      • Combo Chart
      • Dynamic Chart
      • Thermometer Chart
      • Bullet Chart
    Pivot Tables
    • Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables: A very Powerful Reporting Tool
    • Creating & Modifying Pivot Tables
    • Performing Calculations within Pivot Tables
    • Working with Pivot Charts
    • Analyzing Data with Excellent New Features in Pivot Tables
      • Slicers
      • Timelines
    What-IF Analysis
    • Using the brilliant Goal-Seek Feature
    • Performing Sensitivity Analysis with Data Tables
    • Using Scenario Manager to Summarize Results
    Data Validation
    • Creating Drop Down List
    • Regulating & Managing the Entry of Data
    • Custom Input Message and Error Alert
    Enhancing Interactivity
    • Adding Interactive Advanced Controls
      • Buttons Control
      • Check Box
      • Spin Buttons
      • Option Buttons
    Automating Reports
    • Using Macros to Automate Reports
    • Recording a Macro
    • Running a Macro
      • Assigning Macros to Objects & Buttons
    Updated on 01 December, 2020

    About Optimizer Middle East


    Optimizer Middle East is a professional organization located in Business village, Deira, Dubai, UAE and active in the MENA countries. The core business of the organization encompass services and consultancies in accounting management systems based on international standards and professional training including technical, management and accounting with the objective of developing personnel skills. 

    We have executed various professional development projects the Gulf region and North Africa till date targeting to be a leader for Training and development in the area.


    We Optimizer Middle East shall become the professional umbrella for all the training and development professionals in MENA regions.


    Develop, organize, sustain through providing professional services, consultancies and training with the objective of disseminating standardized and developed professional practices to individuals and private as well as governmental organizations in MENA region.

    Our Objectives:

    • Provision of knowledge as skills
    • Empowering individuals and organizations in MENA region with the latest professional advanced tools  
    • Introduction of conceptual practices in the organizational activities
    • Qualifying professional experts in the government and private sector
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