CPDF - Smarter Forecasting and Planning Saber Middle East (GCC)
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    CPDF is a certification program for demand forecasters and planners working in supply chain industries, and endorsed by The International Institute of Forecasters (IIF), whose purpose is to advance knowledge and research in forecasting.
    The "Smarter Forecasting and Planning" is an efficient combination of CPDF I & II - Demand Forecasting Principles, Methodologies, Performance Management and Best Practices.

    This program consists of both instructor-led workshop training hours, and independent hours including work sheets to be accomplished through self-paced e-learning environment. The successful completion of this program will qualify participants to earn a certificate.
    Course Objectives

    • Establish a framework for demand forecasting in the supply chain
    • Introduce a four-step process for streamlining the forecasting cycle
    • Define, interpret, and visualize major demand forecasting techniques
    • Identify appropriate accuracy measures for evaluating demand forecasting and forecasting models
    • Complement non-traditional methods with established approaches in forecasting model development
    Course Facilitator - Dr. Hans Levenbach

    • Over 45 years of worldwide experience
    • Executive Director of the CPDF certification program
    • Prior Applied Statistician and Demand Forecasting Manager at AT&T Bell Laboratories
    • Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University
    • Adjunct Associate Professor at New York University
    • Founder and CEO of Delphus Inc.
    • Past President of the IIF in USA
    Learning Modules

    • The Demand Forecasting and Planning Cycle in the Supply Chain
    • Framing the Demand Forecasting Function
    • How to Use Components of a Time Series
    • Forecasting with State Space Forecasting Models
    • Big Data: Data Mining, Exploration and Data Quality
    • Forecasting with ARIMA Time Series Models
    • How to Measure Forecast Accuracy
    • Graphical Tools for Forecast Process
    • Implementing the Demand Forecasting Job within an Integrated Business Planning Process
    • Practical Uses of Forecast Modeling
    • Designing Regression Models for Forecasting
    • Working with Residuals and Forecast Errors to Improve Forecasting Performance
    • Improving Forecasts with Subjective Judgment
    Target Audience

    • Forecasters with some forecasting experience and exposure to the marketplace and product dynamics
    • Managers requiring to supervise and guide the demand planning process
    • Groups of members involved in planning, implementing and managing the company's functions: Demand Planners, Supply Chain Managers, Production Managers, Inventory Controllers, Financial Analysts, Demand Forecasters, Operations Managers, Sales Directors, Brand/Product Managers and Market Analysts

    Updated on 14 September, 2016

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