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    ICDL is made up of a range of modules – each module provides a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas, which are validated by a test.
    ICDL enables you to develop and certify your computer skills in the subject areas of your choosing and to the level that you need – either for work, or for day-to-day life. Through the module combination that you choose, you create your individual ICDL Profile.
    Course Outline
    ICDL Module 1: Computer Essentials
    1 Computers and Devices
    2 Desktop, Icons, Settings 
    3 Outputs 
    4 File Management 
    5 Networks 
    6 Security and Well-Being 

    ICDL Module 2: Online Essentials 

    1 Web Browsing Concepts 
    2 Web Browsing 
    3 Web-Based Information 
    4 Communication Concepts 
    5 Using E-mail 

    ICDL Module 3: Word Processing 

    1 Using the Application 
    2 Document Creation 
    3 Formatting 
    4 Objects 
    5 Mail Merge 
    6 Prepare Outputs 

    ICDL Module 4: Spreadsheets 

    1 Using the Application 
    2 Cells 
    3 Managing Worksheets 
    4 Formulas and Functions 
    5 Formatting 
    6 Charts 
    7 Prepare Outputs 

    ICDL Module 5: Presentation 

    1 Using the Application 
    2 Developing a Presentation 
    3 Text 
    4 Charts 
    5 Graphical Objects 
    6 Prepare Outputs  
    ICDL Module 6: I.T. Security
    1 Security Concepts
    2 Malware
    3 Network Security
    4 Secure Web Use
    5 Communications
    6 Secure Data Management

    ICDL Module 7: Using Databases 

    1 Understanding Databases 
    2 Using the Application 
    3 Tables 
    4 Retrieving Information 
    5 Objects 
    6 Outputs 

      Updated on 25 January, 2017

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    The goal of Excellist is to help you and your company gain a competitive edge as well as acquire and eventually master new knowledge and personal skills. Our objective is not restricted to the classic classroom training set-up, but rather to adopting training processes that have been constantly tested and updated. 
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