Photography Rolla Computer and Management Training
Price: AED 2,625
  • Duration: Upto 15 Hours
  • Timings: Part Time, Flexible

    Course details

     Camera Controls
    Introductions & discussion of your goals for course. Camera parts and types (Bring your owners manual to this class). Menu items and shooting modes (Auto vs. Scene vs. Priority).
    Assignment 1: Photograph a subject of interest to you using different shooting modes to see how that effects your images. Bring 10 images to class on external media (flash or hard drive).
     Exposure, Black and White Conversion, Intro to Lighting
    Image show and tell Presentation of influential black and white photographers Black & White conversion practice Exposure compensation. Concept of high- and low key Studio session (tentative)
    Assignment 2: Continue to practice exposure compensation with your camera. Bring 10 highand low-key images to share on external media (flash or hard drive).
     The Portrait
    Image show and tell Presentation of photographers who primarily work in portaiture. Discussion of portrait genres and lighting techniques (studio, natural) Review aperture, shutter speed, ISO. Practice editing and cropping. Studio session (tentative)
    Assignment 3: Practice shooting portraits and try different lighting techniques. Bring 10 portraits, 4 you are proud of (2 in black and white) for next week. If you have a tripod, bring it for next class.
     Composition tips, and Shooting at Night
    Image show and tell Discuss composition tips and seeing exercises. Experiment with night photography and low light shooting. Shoot outside during class time in groups
    Assignment 4: Find a subject of your choice and spend time working the subject. Practice rules of composition & seeing exercises. Bring 10 (5 night or low light) images you are proud of to share on external media (flash or hard drive).
     Photography and Contemporary Art
    Image Show and tell Presentation on Photography as Contemporary Art Discussion about conceptual practices Brainstorm ideas for Assignment 5 and begin working/ planning in class
    Assignment 5: Shoot 4-8 images that are conceptually driven, based on your own interests or inspired by the lecture.
     Creating a Body of Work
    Image Show and tell Presentation and discussion on how to create a succesful body of work Sequence editing Trouble shooting/ Course review
    Assignment 6: Bring in a series of images 10 or more images that demonstrate the use of sequence editing/ story telling Next week bring images you would like to edit in Photoshop
     Basics of Photoshop
    Introduction to Photoshop Covering the basics of editing, fixing blemishes, color correcting, and selective edits Final
    Assignment: Create a series of 8-10 images on a subject of your choice. We will discuss options for final output. (I have done a book in the past, but calendars or prints are also options).
     Output
    Working in class to ready images for final output. Web vs. print. Color space conversion. Upload and order final products. Show & Tell. Updated on 28 July, 2020

    Eligibility / Requirements

    No prior experience required to take this course.

    About Rolla Computer and Management Training

    In this day and age, When information and technology is progressing day by day, importance of well-trained professionals has been two folds. Rolla Computer & Management training was established to produce Skilled professionals who not only meet the requirements of today but, in future as well. After taking enormous potential of information technology into consideration Rolla Computer and Management has designed its programs in the light of latest information.Rolla computers and management is known as the center of the IT training for executives and students.
    We are one of the pioneer institute which offer Internationally Recognized Certifications in United Arab Emirates. It is great credit for Rolla Computer and Management that have successfully trained Thousands of professionals and students through introducing most advance programs like " MCSE, MCP, **OCP, CIW, A++  and **CCNA". Our achievement, growth and development are proof our popularity and reputation for our high standard of education.

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