Certified Supply Chain and Logistics Course Ace it Training
Price: AED 2,800
  • Duration: Upto 2 Months
  • Timings: Fridays, 9-12:30PM or 3-6:30PM

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    With the ever growing need to learn logistics and Supply chain, here is an advancement to get internationally accredited Certified Supply Chain Professional, which can help you plan your projects in parts and will ensure that you will definitely have some deliverable at a given stage.

    Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) training program at Ace it Training emphasizes Supply Chain Drivers, Forecasting, Production and Distribution & Inventory Management etc.

    Shortage of employees in logistics is related to the high level of professional requirements and expert knowledge that is necessary to manage complex value chains. Ace it training experts in logistics are committed to provide practical knowledge in the field of supply chain modeling and statistical analysis   

    Key Benefits to the Participants:
    • Define the concept of logistics.
    • Describe the operational and strategic responsibilities of logistics.
    • Explain the role of logistics in managing the supply chain
    • Determine the major forces affecting the future of logistics and supply chain management
    • Describe ways to manage supply chains in an uncertain and changing world

    Target Group
    • Procurement or Purchasing managers,
    • Materials Managers
    • Supply Chain managers
    • Plant managers
    • Sales managers and
    • Supply Chain consultants.

    Updated on 06 December, 2017

    About Ace it Training

    Ace it Training

    Having Certified Training at our centre has plenty of benefits

    • cost-effective delivery and in¬creased efficiency substantiated by reliable metrics
    • improved communication and cooperation across agencies and with donors as a result of stan-dardised catalogues, terminology and processes
    • increased career mobility and job satisfaction for logisticians in the humanitarian sector
    • a pool of trained logisticians whose skills have been externally verified, providing agencies and donors with greater hiring flex¬ibility and options
    • Immediate access to a global network of transportation and logistics practitioners and educators
    • Educational and networking opportunities through local chapters and affiliate organizations


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