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AutoCAD software provides targeted solutions for use by an entire project team, including engineers and designers, drafters, technicians, and surveyors

Pre-requisites : Basic knowledge of MS Windows (Engineering knowledge is an added advantage.)

Introduction to AutoCAD
1)      Flotting Toolbars.
2)      Applying Line, Multiple, Polygon and Rectangle
3)      Drawing Tools
·         Creating & Editing polyline
·         Explode  different options of polyline
4)      Circle, Ellipse, Arc, Copy, Move, Mirror, Scale, Length
5)      Arrays
·         Rectangular Arrays & Polar Arrays
6)      Altering and Adding Entities
·         Chamfer
·         Break
·         Fillet
·         Offset
·         Stretch
·         Scale
·         Rotate, Trim, Extent
7)      Organizing Drawings with Layers
·         Creating a Layers
·         Drawing on Layers
·         Turning Layers on & off
·         Assigning Line Type
·         Freezing Layers
·         Locking Layers
·          Hidding Layers
·         Controlling Layers using layer properties Tool bar
8)      Creating Text
·         Single Line Text Options
·         Making new Styles, Effects, Fonts, Heights
·         Text, DText, Mtext
9)      Using Blocks
·         Creating Blocks
·         Inserting Blocks
10)  Hatches
·         Creating new hatch objects
·         Hatching over view
·         Gradients
·         Selecting the pattern
·         Editing existing hatch objects
11)  Dimensions
·         Creating Dimensions
·         Using Dimension Styles
·         Horizontal & Vertical Directions
·         Rotated Angled & Radial dimensions.
·         Dimension Styles
·         Editing Dimensions
12)  Working in View Ports
·         Using the layout tabs and paper space
·         Working with paper space viewpoints
·         Printing your drawing
·         Adding on output Device
·         Understanding the plotter Settings
·         Plotting the plan
·         Working with Plot styles
·         Plotting using Layout Tabs
13)  Isometric creating objects from a New Angle
14)  Isometric Drawings, Projections, Isometric Axes and planes, setting isometric grid and snap, drawing isometric circles
15)  Using Co-ordinate System
·         USC Commands
·         USC Control dialogue box
16)  Animation
·         Creating a 3D Drawing
·         Viewing a 3D Drawing
·         3D Surfaces
·         Creating Complex 3D Surfaces
·         Using other surface drawing tools
·         Using advanced 3D features
·         Mastering the user Co – ordinate System
·         Navigating 3D viewpoints
·         Mastering 3D solids
·         Understanding solid modeling
·         Creating solid forms
·         Creating complex solids
·         Editing solids
·         Advanced editing tools for solids
·         Enhancing the 2D drawing process
·         Finding the properties of a solid materials
·         Lights
·         Cameras
Rendering & Animating 3D drawings Updated on 02 May, 2020

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OSCAR INSTITUTE was started in 1993 to impart training in Information Technology, Designing ( Interior, Exterior, Graphic, Web & Multimedia), Management soft skills, Accounting & Finance, Languages , Secretarial Practice & Improvement sessions / Academic tuitions for school students. Now we offer different courses covering the latest and most widely used Job oriented programs & software.

Our Training

Our courses are upgraded frequently to meet the ever changing standards of the Industry.
We lead a dedicated team of Multinational Faculty with well experienced and highly qualified in his/her branch of training with distinguished approval from the Ministry of Education, U.A.E. They possess a high degree of Education, and an exemplary teaching ability.

The permanent set up of the staff team highlights our reputation in U.A.E.
We have state of the art Hardware and Software facilities.
Professional Job Assignments and Tutorials have been devised to help students practically apply what they learn.

Ministry of Education, U.A.E. attested certificate is issued on successful completion of each course, which is being sought for international status.

How are we different?

We offer a unique style of learning

Maximum 6 students per trainer. As a result we are able to give personal attention and make them understand in a better way.

One computer: One student.
A proper Research has been conducted on the courses we offer; thereby deriving the sessions required by the student to complete the course as also the study material of the course.
Professional Job Assignments and Tutorials have been devised so as to help the student to practically apply what he/she has learned.
In Computers, after completion of the course the students create their own projects and a soft copy of which is given to them which will add to the portfolio of the student.
We offer Crash courses of 4 to 8 hours per day to complete the courses earlier; which is subject to availability.

Corporate Training

Considering the unique requirements of each business establishment, courses are tailor-made, ensuring trainees with sufficient technical knowledge to successfully carry out their job responsibilities. Our pride lies with the Certified and Ministry approved Faculty, structured courseware, guaranteed results and a long reputed experience.


Transport facility is being provided for those who are in need of it within the Emirate, on extra charge.
Free placement services are also arranged for those who successfully complete the Secretarial Practice and Computer training as well; subject to the available job inquiries.

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