101 Photography Light Workshop Fo2Art Studio
Price: AED 1,800
  • Duration: 6 Hours

Course details

This intensive workshop will get you up to speed with lighting while giving you plenty of hands-on practice with professional studio equipment - all under the expert guidance of our experienced photographers!

We will open with a theoretical session where you will learn all about studio equipment (using professional studio light) and how it works, technically and artistically. You will learn which modifiers do what and how each is best used to achieve different lighting effects and patterns.

The final part of the workshop is all about you. You get to implement what you have learnt to shape, control and set up the light in a simple yet effective way.

Course Summary:

    1. Sources, Quality and Direction of the light.
    2. Light shaping & modifiers.
    3. The inverse square law.
    4. Light meter.
    5. Camera & light settings.
     Practical Live shooting with models:
      1. Main light and reflector.
      2. Main and fill light.
      3. Main, fill & rim light.
      4. High key setup.
      5. Lowkey setup.
      6. 4 lights setup.
      7. 5 lights setup.
      What to Bring:
      • Your DSLR or mirrorless camera (fully charged)
      • Empty SD/CF card
      • Portrait lens/es
      • A notebook and pen
      • 6 hours / one or 2 days
      • Flexible hours "Fit for Purpose" 
      • Languages spoken: English and Arabic
      • The workshop will take place in a fully equipped photography studio

      Updated on 06 August, 2017

      Job titles this course is suitable for

      Beginners and enthusiast photographers and videographers who want to master off camera lighting, this course designed to teach you all needed skills to use off camera lights regardless your level

      Job roles this course is suitable for:

      Photographer, Videographer

      About Fo2Art Studio

      As professionals in advertising and commercial photography, our job is help you reach your objective and vision no matter what industry you come from. We don't just take lifeless photos, rather we capture compelling images that market your products and help you reach your potential clients visually in the most positive manner & best possible light.
      Having years of experience in photography under the belt; from basic product shoots to large-scale fashion & advertising campaigns, our most valuable asset is our knowledge. We can see through a consumer's eyes, and know how to make that work in your favor.
      Our advice is free, so feel free to drop in for a counseling session regarding your upcoming projects,
      What are our main services?
      Within our large fully equipped studio, we specialize in commercial photography for Advertising, Manufacturing, Finance, Tourism and a broad range of other industries. Our work is of a consistent high quality, we pay attention to the smallest of details working in a 'think out of the box' model.
      Film & Video
      As well as great stills, we carry over our knowledge of photography to film and video; we have already produced, edited and filmed many successful campaigns. We have 4K & HD cameras, including specialized super-slow motion, time-lapse rigs and professional editing facilities designed for the purpose.  Aside from motion graphics, we can also produce and edit video for TV,  Web, Multimedia, DVD and Blu-Ray.
      Our skills in retouching are often applied to enhance a product shot or add some special effect to an ad-campaign. The digital age has changed the tools and the rules and opens up a wealth of further creative abilities.
      Photography Training
      A wide range of classes and workshops designed specifically with hands-on and how to’s training purposes for beginner and enthusiast levels.
      Studio Facilities
      Our studio is large enough to hold a full production no matter what is the size of the business or the service we are photographing/videographing, Studio is equipped with a wide range of branded lights equipments and modifiers (Profoto, Elinchrom, AlienBees, Manfroto, etc…).
      Special hall for training & meeting sessions for like-minded equipped with large 4K screen for better demonstration and ease of reach.
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