Lotus Educational Institute, Dubai Studio Lighting (Photography) Lotus Educational Institute, Dubai
Price: AED 850
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    This course takes place indoors. 

    This course covers all the vital elements of photography. This course will introduce the student to principles associated with light, optics, cameras, light-sensitive materials, equipment, still and motion-media shooting techniques, chemical mixing, image processing and printing, job control, and photographic finishing. This will also introduce students to photographic techniques like subject placement, lighting, color contrast, shapes and lines, dwindling size perspective, atmospheric perspective, photographic lighting etc. The course will give the student step-by step, practical tips in getting the best out of the camera with assignments and hands on projects combined with expert classroom tutorials.

    Updated on 27 March, 2016

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    Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC (since 2002), is licensed (As "Human Resource Development and Training Centre") and works based on the rules and regulations of TECOM Free Zone Authority, located at Dubai Knowledge Village, United Arab Emirates. With its unique mission of "Holistic Approach to Education" and in order to follow the official guidelines of "conducting programmes for development of human skills and performance" and also with its multi-national and highly qualified Faculty Members, Lotus provides internationally recognised "Qualifications and Professional Certificates" in Arts & Design and Holistic Self-Development.

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