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A certified manager of quality is one who oversees the quality of the business processes and helps facilitate achieve organizational excellence. This also includes initiating strategic planning and execution to establish customer/supplier relations, development of quality measurements, and a lot of analysis regarding the business process.The importance of a course for certified manager of quality is evident in the industry's demand for well qualified and certified workforce to execute the organization's goals and aspirations.

MISP has a well laid out course curriculum for this course. A certified manager of quality would after the completion of the course would be well versed with organizational structures, team and team process, performance evaluations, strategic planning models, and business environment analysis.Not only would they gain the core knowledge, the certified managers of quality would also be able to implement the core knowledge in real work situations. The course would end with a certification exam that consists of 150 multiple choice questions to measure comprehension.

The certified manager of quality course has the prerequisite of having had 10 years of work experience. However, there is 1-year exemption for a secondary degree holder, two years for an associate degree holder and four and five for bachelor's degree and masters respectively.

Updated on 24 April, 2019

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