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    This program will cover the practical applications of the modern PLCs, SCADA & DCS Systems. Abnormal Situation Management and Intelligent Alarm Management is a very important DCS issue that provides significant advantages over PLC and SCADA systems. Few DCSs do justice to the process; in terms of controlling for superior performance – most of them merely do the basics and leave the rest to the operators. Operators tend to operate within their comfort zone ". If more than one adverse condition developed at the same time and the system is too basic to act protectively, the operator would probably not be able to react adequately and risk a major deviation. This workshop gives suggestions on dealing with these issues.


    • A solid understanding of the architecture and operation of DCS, PLC & SCADA Systems.
    • Ability to design the overall DCS, PLC & SCADA and process control system
    • Better specification of planned DCS, PLC & SCADA Systems.
    • Improved process performance for your plant
    • Understanding of the key ergonomic issues in design of operator displays
    • Apply advanced control strategies to your plant control system
    • More effective use of your existing DCS, PLC & SCADA Systems, process control capabilities
    • Design and create a consistent and effective alarm philosophy for your installation
    • Recognise and deal with human problems in interfacing to alarm systems


    • Process Control Engineers & Technicians
    • Automation Engineers
    • Operations Managers
    • Operators & Control Room Personnel
    • Production Engineers
    • Process Engineers
    • Plant Engineers
    • IT Managers working with Networks
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Project Engineers
    • Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians
    • Maintenance Engineers & Supervisors

      Updated on 18 September, 2019

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