PMO ME FZE Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) ISO31000 PMO ME FZE
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This course provides the skills to identify and measure risks in Operation Planning and execution. You learn to quantify risks and environmental aspects and create risk response strategies to deliver initiatives that meet stakeholder expectations in addition the ISO 31000 structure and framework.

Upon completion, delegates will be able to
  •  Define Enterprise Risk Management
  •  Define Risk Management Objectives
  •  Risk Management Organization Approach
  •  Risk Management Aware Culture
  •  Risk Management Principles and ISO 31000
  •  Roles and Responsibilities
  •  Plan Risk Management Process
  •  Identify Risks Process
  •  Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Process
  •  Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Process
  •  Plan Risk Responses Process
  •  Monitor and Control Risks Process
Updated on 31 January, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

minimum knowledge in management and business operations


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